Not Even China Can Stop Dwayne Johnson – Here Is Why!

Dwayne The Rock Johnson just keeps breaking all the records. Movie after movie, month after month, this guy is breaking grounds in Hollywood. His newest project Rampage was a big success in the United States but was even bigger in China. It made a huge impact over there. The Rock does it all, and it seems that nobody can stop him.

Maybe you heard about his latest film. It is called Skyscraper and it is going to drop this summer. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but people are going to watch it anyway. Why? Because of The Rock.

Fans want to see how good he is doing, how he is acting in this movie. They want to see whether or not he does a good job. He is a true box office attraction in Hollywood today.

What’s going to be different about this release is the fact that it’s going to be in China’s theater this summer in July. It sounds something regular, but, as a matter of fact, this is a huge deal for The Rock.

China doesn’t allow imported Hollywood features during the summer months, July and August to be exact. They usually reserve those months for newest domestic releases. Students are on the break, so they want them to watch as many “homemade” films as possible.

That’s still not good enough to hold off The Rock. On July 20th, his latest blockbuster The Skyscraper is going to be in Chinese theaters, which is a big deal.

That is why not even China and some of the rules over there can stop a huge movie star like Dwayne The Rock Johnson and what he has become.