Note 7 owners will get $100 off on any other Galaxy phone from Samsung

Note 7 owners are probably very well aware of the problem that is still persistent, and that is shaking Samsung lately. Due to a fire and explosion hazard all Note 7 devices had to be turned off and returned to the manufacturer. To keep the customers, Samsung has decided to give a $100 credit for exchanging the faulty Note 7 for Galaxy S7 Edge or any other Samsung device.

Just for your information, Samsung is also offering a credit if you want to switch to Apple device, HTC or any other brand but you will only get $25 for that. This recall has been extended to all Galaxy Note 7 devices, including those that have been given away as the replacements for the original faulty phones. The reason for that is because both devices have shown that they have the same fire – explosion problem with the batteries or some other internal parts.

If you were a Note 7 owner and user, then you know that Samsung replaced every device which had the problem mentioned above, with a new one and issuing $25 credit as well. But as soon as a new fiasco happened with the replacement phone (fire on a Southwest Airlines flight) Samsung killed off the device altogether and issued advice for all users, no matter if they had or hadn’t the problem, to shut off their new favorite gadget.

Samsung’s line of credit in the form of a $100 is an attempt to keep their customers from going over to the competition and to stop the financial hemorrhage that has happened due to the debacle. Samsung explained, in numerous posts and addresses to public, that this is just a sort of incentive that is offered to customers to “ease” their inconvenience during the exchange period. When you are forced to handle your phone with gloves and put it in a fireproof box to send it back to the manufacturer and on top of all that, wait a significant amount of time for the replacement device that can only be shipped by ground, inconvenience is an understatement.

What is widely recommended is to take a full refund for the smartphone, because for the Note 7 (which was just released) you probably paid a full price while the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (which are out for six months now) can now be found significantly cheaper. The difference in price will for most users probably be more than $100 exchange incentive that is offered.