Novak Djokovic celebrated his son’s second birthday

Novak Djokovic is currently world’s number one tennis player. He has been number one for some time now, and in years behind us, he was always one of the world’s top three players. You can count his trophies and state at which time he played his best tennis but if you ask Novak he will tell you one thing. The fact that he often likes to point out is that his best tennis came after his wife Jelena gave birth to their first and so far only child.

Since then it has passed exactly two years and on this day Djokovic firstborn is celebrating his second birthday. Two years have gone by, little Stefan is now older but his father is still reigning number one tennis player.

Novak is used to celebrating his victories, he has certainly enjoyed many, but when celebrating his son’s birthday he was in a completely different mood. Nothing comes as usual for world’s first racket so his son’s birthday party was nothing close to ordinary. The entire event was based on playing creative games. Novak being Novak didn’t miss the opportunity not to be his normal self.

Djokovic actively participated in all of the games and at some point, he drew pictures on his younger brother’s Djordje face. He immediately posted this picture on Instagram and in the comment section he stated: ’’Feeling like a kid again for the 2nd Birthday of our baby boy . How do you like my artwork there? ’’

The party was held in Djokovic’s family home in Monte Carlo and as you could expect his wife Jelena was also present. She was also taking part in playing and drawing together with her sister Marija. Jelena also posted on Instagram and her words were as following: ’’Sisters in action. Today is Stefan’s 2nd bday and we thought it would be super fun if we all put face paint on. Stefan loves it! And we feel like kids again.’’
Through his career, Djokovic enjoyed enormous sports success but still managed to find the time to be good and successful husband and father. God bless you, Novak.