Novak Djokovic still doesn’t have a home! In his hometown he sleeps in a hotel!

Serbian tennis ace, whenever in a visit to his hometown, with his family tends to stay in the luxury apartment downtown. He has a tendency of traveling a few times a year back to his hometown, and despite his parents live there as well as his in-laws, Novak, and his family stay at a hotel.

The recent number two tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic traveled to the Serbian capital on Friday night, and since then he has the full attention of media and public. After the Bijelo Dugme concert and his friend Viktor Troicki‘s wedding, Djokovic attended, as a guest, the Renato Balestro’s humanitarian show that was held to try and raise money for a new grand piano for the Kolarac Endowment.

After the lunch with fashion creator, Serbian superstar, and his parents set off for Kolarac Endowment where they enjoyed the program for almost two hours and went their separate ways afterward. His father and brother headed in the way of their car that was parked nearby, while Novak and his mother Dijana went to the nearby hotel. According to reports the tennis player, his wife and son are regular guests of that hotel whenever they are in town, which makes us think that he still hasn’t resolved his problem regarding the accommodation in Serbia, although he bagged tens of millions of euros so far.