Novak Djokovic Will Have To Choose: Boris Becker and Marian Vajda or Pepe Imaz

According to the German magazine Bild, Novak Djokovic’s coach, Boris Becker set an ultimatum to the world number two: “Either Pepe Imaz leaves, or I leave.”

Novak supposedly talked to Becker about the future of their relationship. We found out that Djokovic is willing to continue to work with Becker, but Pepe Imaz got in the way between the two. Pepe Imaz is a former tennis player who is now a yoga and meditation expert, life coach, and Becker obviously doesn’t want him close to Novak. Marian Vajda, Djokovic’s other coach, agrees with Becker. Both of them would love to continue training the Serbian tennis player only if Pepe Imaz were to take a backseat.

By the end of December, we will know whether Becker and Vajda will remain Djokovic’s head coaches. However, the situation in the Novak’s team is not all roses. Former number one has been struggling since The French Open, that was more than evident, and something needs to change as fast as possible.

According to Becker, Novak has lost focus after the French Open. Pepe Imaz has joined the team in order to help Novak overcome his issues using yoga and meditation as he advocates “Peace and Love” philosophy, and he has had the task to motivate Djokovic. So far, the public and the fans have been unable to see the results of Imaz’s presence and work.

Whatever they do, hopefully, it will help Novak to get back into the game and again become competitive. He is far from what he was only a few months ago, and we could already hear that he has focused more on other important things in life. Tennis on that level is demanding, and we can only hope to see him back on his feet again.