Novak and Jelena Djokovic are expecting a baby girl

Novak and Jelena Djokovic are waiting for their second child, and from what we could hear from them before, they wanted for it to be a baby girl. It seems that their wish is going to be fulfilled as they got confirmation from their doctor and the famous pair is expecting a girl.

According to Serbian magazine Story, the Djokovic’s were on their regular medical where they found out the gender of their baby. After hearing that Jelena is carrying a girl child, they were overjoyed. The reason is, of course, another member of their family and another one is that when they found out that Jelena is pregnant, they were consensual that they want for their next child to be a girl.

Interesting about Novak’s child is that it’s not the only one coming into Djokovic family. Jelena’s sister Anna is also expecting a child with her husband Luka Bogdanovic who is a basketball player, while his uncle Goran already got twins earlier this year. That means that Djokovic’s are going to be richer for four new members in 2017.

During the 2014 Jelena and Novak got their first child son Stefan. Recently when interviewed by another Serbian tabloid, Blic, Djokovic said that he is more than happy because of his second child and when asked whether he wants it to be a girl or a boy he stated that his only wishes are for baby to be healthy. This kind of response is typical when talking with people from Serbia, who often emphasize health over the gender of their children which once again confirmed that Djokovic is the man from the people.

‘We are joyfully for all of our love, we are getting along well, and these days there is going to be more of us. In recent times it was crucial for me to have a full support of my family because that is essential for the stability of every one of us. I just wish for everything to be OK and that is the ultimate joy’ Novak stated.