Now You See Me 3 Release Date & A New Cast Member

Numerous fans of the hit movie Now You See Me have been eager to find out when the third sequel of the franchise will be released. As you already know, the story of the film revolves around a group of magicians who act for the greater good. We saw them in the second installment in June last year, and we’ve been wondering since then when the next part will hit theaters.

Reportedly, Now You See Me 3 will get to the big screen no sooner than in 2019. What’s more, apart from the well-known members of the cast – Dave Franco, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg, rumor has it that a new member is to join the gang. This is said to be Benedict Cumberbatch.

As far as it may seem, we all must agree that in order to achieve all the amazing things they do in every movie a certain amount of time is definitely needed. According to the article in Fab Newz, the crew and the cast of Now You See me 3 have already started filming. All we can do is to wait for another fantastic movie to be created. Moreover, the report also says that Lionsgate Movie will bring screenwriters Gavin James and Neil Widener for this project.

We all know Benedict Cumberbatch from the series Sherlock, and now we might be watching him in completely different surroundings. He is reported to make a guest appearance in Now You See Me 3.

In the meantime, in a previous post from the Hollywood Reporter, we could see that the movie will have a Chinese spin-off. It is due to its great success in China, where it earned $43.3 million on its opening night. Imagine what an interesting movie it will be with all the Chinese actors. We are looking forward to it, as well as to the third sequel of this amazing franchise.