Oakland Raiders vs. Arizona Cardinals – Preseason Week 1 Predictions

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Arizona Cardinals, just like the Dallas Cowboys, have already played one game this preseason as they took part in the Hall of Fame Game and have already hit the field. They look decent, but almost no starters were seen on the field so we don’t know how good this team really is. Even though they have taken a loss in that game, it really doesn’t mean much as these games are just for trying out some players.

This is the first official preseason game and we might see some starters for Arizona. Johnson might get a few runs, Plamers will get some throws, but we don’t expect them to play past first quarter. ‘Zona will for sure play it safe, just like every team as they don’t want to overwork their best players or for them to get injured.

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Raiders are going to look to contend for the AFC after a great season that they had in 2016. Unfortunately, the year ended with Derek Carr getting hurt and missing the Playoffs because of it. It is unlikely that we are going to see a lot of him if any in this game, but he really doesn’t need to be on the field. Raiders should just be concerned about getting him ready to play Week 1.

Marshawn Lynch will likely see some action and that is one of the most exciting things for the Raiders fans about this game. He is going to get cheered and it is going to be interesting to see how will he square off in his first game since retiring at the end of the 2015 NFL season.

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At the end of the day, we are going to pick the home team to win this game. The Cardinals are going to want to step up and continue this preseason on a good note. One extra game that they had is going to help them here and they will win this contest 24:17.