Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos – Week 17 Picks And Predictions


The Oakland Raiders are sitting tight at the second place in the AFC. Their starting quarterback is gone, but they are still primed to host a Playoff game in the Divisional round. But, to achieve that, they either need to beat the Broncos or need Kansas City to lose in Week 17.

That’s not all for the Raiders. They can either fall all the way down to the 5th seed or maybe even get the number one seed in the AFC with a win in Denver and Patriots loss in Miami. Raiders do have a lot to play for on the final matchday of the regular season. A lot to gain, but a lot to lose as well.

The same can’t be said for the Denver Broncos. They have failed to reach the postseason after winning the Super Bowl a year ago. They were a great team with an amazing defense at the beginning of the year, but some injuries and players missing from last season’s championship squad made them vulnerable. The offense couldn’t pick up the slack, and that resulted in them going 8-7 with one game left.


Raiders are much weaker without Carr. That was a big hit that this team took against the Colts. They will be playing on the road as well against the squad that will want to go out on top. We are picking Denver Broncos to win this match 26:20 and beat the team that took them down in their first meeting of the season. Raiders will fall to 12-4, and that will be good enough for 2nd or 5th seed, depending on what Kansas City Chiefs do in Week 17.