10 Office Supplies you Always Forget to Buy


There’s nothing more frustrating than finishing your weekly office supply shopping, only to realize you’ve forgotten an item or two. It slows down the office workflow, and you’ll end up wasting another precious hour of your time just to drive to the store and get back.

To help you prevent this, we’ve decided to make a list of the most commonly forgotten stationery supplies! So, take notes for the next time you go shopping for some desk accessories!

1. Paper


There’s nothing more essential for an office than a couple of A4 paper bundles. Of course, since it’s the first thing that comes to mind when we’re talking about office supplies, you probably never forget to buy it. But what about other types of paper? Sticky notes, business card paper, and premium paper for those special documents…They can all be quite essential for your daily business operations, so make sure to put them on your shopping list the next time you visit the office supply store near you!

2. Folders


Working in a messy office can be extremely frustrating. If you’re constantly unable to find the documents you need, then you’re probably forgetting to buy some folders! If your office works with a lot of paper, then you’ll probably need a lot of them.

There are also multiple types of folders (transparent, colorful, lever arch files, etc.), so you’re certainly going to find something that fits your needs! These small items are what will protect your valuable documents from getting damaged or lost, so don’t forget to get them!

3. Envelopes


Your office wouldn’t be complete without a stack of envelopes: whatever you’re sending goes in there! You can get them in multiple shapes and sizes to ensure you have everything covered: from handing out gift cards to sending out contracts and paperwork.

Still, somehow we always forget to get these until there’s zero of them left. It’s important to stack on some envelopes as you never know when you’ll need one.

4. Glue and tape


There are at least hundreds of different uses for glue and tape in the office, yet they’re so easily forgotten!

If you’re out of these essential items, work could slow down. Therefore, the next time you’re out shopping for office supplies, remember to get some glue and tape too!

5. Planners


Folders and files may be enough for organizing your desk, but they can’t help you organize your workhours efficiently. That’s what planners are for! While you don’t need to get these every week, you should still remember to make a mental note when you start running out of writing space in your old planner.

So, yes, even though planners are used for self-organization and time management, you might end up wasting some of your time if you forget to order one while browsing through www.roessler.eu.

6. Plastic cups


While your office can function without plastic cups, some of your coworkers may be unable to do so if they haven’t had their coffee that morning. So, if your coffee machine relies on small plastic cups, remember to get a pack!

Of course, as plastic can be harmful to the environment, we suggest you switch to “greener” alternatives if you can! However, since many modern offices still use plastic cups for their coffee needs, we thought it was important to mention them.

7. Stamps and stamp ink


Custom-made rubber stamps are an important part of any office. It’s how you make official documents- official! Still, these get worn out after a while, so you might need to get some new ones while you’re at it! Also, remember to stack up on some stamp ink! Without it, all of your stamps become useless.

Of course, you may not be able to find these at your local office supply store. Instead, make sure to order them as soon as you notice your old stamps need to be replaced or when you’re low on stamping ink.

8. First-aid supplies


Every office needs some first aid kits at their disposal. Even if you spend most of your time sitting at your office desk, employee injuries can still happen. Maybe someone was reckless while using scissors or someone tripped and fell down the stairs- no matter what happens, you’ll still need some first aid supplies.

Hopefully, you won’t need to use these very often, but it’s still important to have them around.

9. USBs


You probably create hundreds of word and excel documents a day. You can’t possibly store it all on your laptop without getting it all buggy and slow. That’s why you’ll need to invest in external storage devices such as USBs!

Luckily, newer USB models come with extremely high capacities (up to 128GB!). You won’t need to buy these very often, but it’s still important to get a new one as soon as you use up over 90% of available storage.

10. Printer toners


Even though we live in the digital era, most modern workplaces still print out their documents. It’s simply how it’s done in the business world. Besides, digital documents could be modified and lost if something were to happen to your system. No matter how much you trust your IT department, it’s still better to be safe than sorry, right?

As essential as printers are to our daily tasks, we still might forget to get them their “fuel”. Printers cannot work without enough toner, so remember to get a replacement cartridge the next time you go shopping.

The bottom line

When we go shopping for office supplies, we usually get some pens, staplers, and some A4 paper, while completely forgetting about the other essentials. In this article, we went over some of the most common “forgotten items” when it comes to stationery supply shopping. We hope it helps you make a detailed shopping list that will keep you from having to return to the supply store every couple of hours.

Buying everything at once is not only more convenient, but it can be cheaper too. So, make sure you stack up on those essential workplace items as soon as possible!