One Big Match For The Rock At Wrestlemania 34 That WWE Should Do

Dwyane Johnson is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood today. His schedule is so full that there is no way that he could have made it to Wrestlemania 33. After making an appearance in consecutive Manias, our favorite big guy missed this year’s event for the first time in a while. On the other hand, he hasn’t been in a match since wrestling John Cena for the WWE title back in 2013.

Next year the biggest show of the year is going to take place in New Orleans. Wrestlemania 34 might be the time when The Rock should get back in the ring, and we have a good opponent in mind for him.

Right now, Brock Lesnar is the WWE Universal champion, but it might not be the best thing for him to hold it for a year until the event in NOLA as he might get a bit boring as the champion while that would also mean that Roman Reigns will be his opponent at that show. In our opinion, he should lose it around either Summerslam or the Survivor Series to a guy like The Destroyer Samoa Joe.


Brock and The Rock were feuding back when The Beast Incarnate started his run with the WWE, and they haven’t met in the ring since. Nobody really knows for how long will Lensar be in the company, but even the bigger question is when The Rock will announce that he is retiring from his in-ring career. Even though he wrestles rarely, he still hasn’t said that he already wrestled his last match. There aren’t many big duels available for when The Rock returns to the ring, so Brock Lesnar might be the best possible opponent for him at this stage of his Hollywood and wrestling career. It might happen at Mania next year. Let’s hope it does.