One Of The Biggest Upsets In WWE History Happened At Backlash


A lot of people were shocked when Jinder Mahal got the number one contender spot for the WWE Championship. He was brought in last year just to get over the younger and newer talent, and he wasn’t really winning a lot of matches before this recent push happened. Now, it seems that he is going to be one of the major pieces on the Smackdown Live show.

Randy Orton won the WWE title from Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 33. Nobody really expected that to happen nor did the fans like the decision from the company to take the title off of Bray Wyatt after a short championship reign and give it to Randy Orton, a guy that is quite boring as the babyface champion.


Well, that didn’t come as big of a shock as Jinder’s win at Backlash did. In one of the largest upsets in the history of the WWE, Jinder Mahal has beaten Randy Orton and became a new WWE Champion. The most prestigious prize in all of the wrestling is now in possession of Jinder Mahal, a guy that was a glorified jobber just two months ago.

What started out just as an experiment, it ended up being something that nobody expected. There are many possible reasons for this title change. Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw have had bad ratings in the past couple of weeks, so there is a good chance that this was done just as a way to shake things up and give people something to talk about. More information will come out about this win in the coming days. As soon as it does, we will reveal the reasons behind this decision by Vince and the WWE.