One Punch Man Season 2 Spoilers and Updates


Season 2 storyline of One Punch Man has had a veil over itself for some time, and now fans are guessing and making numerous theories. Several reports argued that Garou will be introduced in the new season and there are speculations that the new anti-hero will beat Saitama in their encounter. On the other hand, some theories claim that Watchman Dog, King, and Bang will be Saitama’s main enemies in the sequel.

One Punch Man fan base was pretty fast with hypothesizing what this anime will focus on in Season 2. Rumor has it that Saitama will be defeated by Garou who is claimed to be stronger that the leading hero. However, other theories believe it is dubious that Garou, also called Human Monster, can ever outshine Saitama.

Based on the discussion of the fans, they are doubtful about Garou being equal even to Lord Boros who was beaten by Saitama in Season 1. Also, the defeated enemy is claimed to return in the following episodes of the sequel where he will accomplish his vengeance with the help of some high-powered allies.


In the meantime, the fight between Garou and Saitama falls under manga’s Human Monster arc. Followers who keep track of the chapters of this manga say that Season 2 is probably going to follow the arc where King, a class S rank 7 hero, will be presented. His confrontation with Saitama is claimed to be before Garou, thus guessing that in fact Season 3 will be the focus of the Human Monster arc.

Some other rivals are speculated to be in the new Season, such as Watchman Dog and Bang. The two of them and some other heroes of martial arts are expected to clash with Garoue at the end of the season. That can be used as a potential cliffhanger for the sequel.

Viz Media and Yusuke Murata are remaining silent about the true plot of One Punch Man Season 2. Nonetheless, the trailer for the season is expected to be published pretty soon, as the continuation of the story is allegedly going to be aired in July.