One Punch Man Season 2: Will the New Season Be Postponed Until December 2018?


The highly anticipated Season 2 of One Punch Man might premiere before Christmas, but not 2017, rather 2018. This is concluded by looking at the development schedules for animes.

Based on the report done by Comic Book, the usual plan of development for a shonen anime like One Punch Man for a season of 12-15 episodes is 6-9 months. When it aired from 2015 to 2016, One Punch Man Season 1 consisted of 12 episodes and 5 special episodes.

This article suggested that if the series entered pre-production in March this year, then it might need some time for One Punch Man to finally be released to the public. This is taking into consideration the extra time required for post-production and promotion. That is what could also push the show to a summer or spring premiere in 2018. Also, if the anime production runs into a problem and some unpredicted delays happen, then this could cause a couple of more months of waiting for anime fans.


The worst thing that could happen would be that instead of earlier release scheduled for November 2017, Season 2 One Punch Man might be delivered in December 2018. Unfortunately, this would mean another year of waiting for the fans of the show, who are eager to see what will Saitama do next.

Since there are no official announcements from Viz Media or Madhouse studio, fans can get updated only through speculations, rumors and theories. The senior marketing director of Viz Media, Kevin Hamric has hinted earlier that everything is on planned course with the production of Season 2 One Punch Man, which could possibly mean that we shouldn’t lose hope for the 2017 release.


As One Punch Man will be back with a sequel, there is going to be another season of My Hero Academia very soon. In one interview, Kevin Hamric said that later in the year, on the anime side, those would be the bigger releases.