One Team That Needs To Win In Week 15

As we are entering Week 15 and getting closer to the end of the regular season, we have a lot of teams that we know won’t make the Playoffs. That means that there are fewer squads that are in a must-win situation. But, for those teams that are actually in a situation like that, these are to be or not to be games and duels that they just must win.

One of those teams is the Denver Broncos. They are playing against the Patriots in one of the biggest and most interesting matchups of Week 15.


There are multiple reasons why this squad needs to win. First of all, they are tied with the Miami Dolphins at 8-5 for that 6th seed and are hanging in just because of a strength of victory. If they lose and Miami wins, they would be out of the Playoff picture.

Secondly, they just lost to the Titans, and it seems like they are losing their mojo. This offense hasn’t been able to get into the end zone in Tennessee so bouncing back is just what they need to do.

Another reason why they have to win is that they need to make a statement against a team like the Patriots. The confidence of the Super Bowl Champions is probably shaken right now, and nobody really considers them as a threat to the other rivals in the AFC and the whole NFL.

If they win this one, that will change in an instant. If they lose, however, they need to hope that Tannehill-less Dolphins can get the job done without their starting signal caller.