Which Online Casino Game has the Highest RTP – 2024 Guide


How often do you play different casino games? Did you know about its RTP? The ”return to player” value should be one of the most crucial metrics to evaluate while looking for the optimal slot machine. Who wants to play for hours with the possibility of losing his or her hard-earned cash? The truth is that the longer you play a slot machine, the bigger the RTP will be. All of your questions about RTP will be answered in this guide. Keep on reading to figure out what to play in 2024.

How does RTP work and why do you need to pay close attention to it?

Did you know that, when developing new games, the math model is assessed using millions of different spins? Every game ever created had to go through a complex valuation and set-up module. Casinos have to figure out how much they will eventually have to pay out if a player wins. This is why they don’t cash out millions each day, but only at some moments and later on as they’ve collected enough cash from all the players.

For instance, let’s say a slot machine offers a 95% player return (RTP).

Accordingly, if you wager $100, you ought to be able to recover $95 of your initial investment (which is a good deal). In the long run, the casino will profit by $5 for every $100 wagered, which is why you should always look for the highest RTP options.

What are the benefits of High RTP Slots

  1. A) Long-term profit – in games with high returns, it is possible to reduce the house advantage and boost long-term earnings.
  2. B) Easy to complete wagering requirements – free spins bonuses and prizes must be wagered before withdrawal + you can enjoy such a variety of them.
  3. C) Fun & loads of different options on the market – if you are a picky player yourself you should know that nowadays more & more new games are coming out on the market, all of which have high RTPs.

Cons of RTP slots

  1. A) No new promotions – you can’t really move onto a new or ”next” level. There are no promotions when it comes to frequent gaming.
  2. B) No high payout opportunities – most high-RTP slots have fewer features like progressive jackpots than other slots.

Which online casino game has the highest RTP – 2024 Guide: Top 5 games to pick & play

1. Starburst slot


Have you ever tried to play the Starburst slot? It has a return to player (RTP) of 98 percent, more than impressive and luring.

First published in 2012, this is a popular five-reel, ten-pay line NetEnt slot machine.

Starburst is a favorite of seasoned online slot gamers due to its high return-to-player percentage + you will enjoy its graphics, accessibility, and popularity since it is easy to get to and find on different websites.

2. Bloodsuckers


The name may sound funny, but the game is more than fun and promising. Bloodsuckers have a 98 percent RTP slot that can be played online at some of your favorite casinos. Want to give it a go and see how much money you can ”suck” out from it?

One of the coolest slot machine bonus games ever is found on the vampire-killing machine. You get to drive a stake through a vampire’s heart and then pick one of three coffins to get a bonus prize whenever three or more bonus symbols appear on a pay line. Dare to give it a shot?

3. Time bender


Time Bender is an online slot machine that claims to take players on a journey through time, where they can discover hidden treasures and joys.

You can enjoy their five-reeler: Cash Grab and Super Slots. Players will enjoy their commendable prizes, which are some of the game’s additional features. At the end (and most important) there is the RTP of 97.11 percent is backed by a modern 53 grid, which can accommodate 40 fixed pay lines and a wide range of stakes.

4. Cleopatra’s gold


Fancy playing a fancy game? Cleopatra is the one for you!

If you want to make the most out of your money, play at casinos where Cleopatra’s Gold returns consumers 97.5 percent and not a penny less.

One of the most popular slot machines on the market today is a 5-reel, 20-line slot machine with an Egyptian theme that debuted in 2015.

The game’s centerpiece is a random progressive jackpot that can be won at the end of any spin.

With a $0.01 minimum stake per round, this all-time favorite is also quite affordable.

5. Cosmis quest: mystery planets


Slots with an RTP of 98.95 percent or above are uncommon, however, Rival released Cosmic Quest II in 2009 with an RTP of over 99 percent.

The Mystery Planets edition of Cosmic Quest: Mission Control is a futuristic, five-reel, twenty-pay line trip through a magnificent galaxy full of free spins, expanding wilds, and multipliers.

Free spins with a 2x multiplier are granted when three, four, or five Jetpack icons appear on the screen. Also, let’s not forget to mention the possibility of winning enormous jackpots.

Where to play some casino games?

In the end, you can have a ton of fun when playing online slots just as much as you can enjoy them when playing in person. The trick is in picking out a game that works for you, which is fun and engaging + it has high payout bonuses, along with an impressive RTP. Do you want to test your luck and have fun with some of these slots, or try out some other popular options with some online casinos? Both newbies and professionals should check out FanDuelCasino. With them, one can enjoy live casino, jackpots, blackjack, roulette, and many many more! Anyone looking for a variety will find it here and on this site. Give them a click and play away knowing you are in safe hands.