Online Roulette Odds And Payouts Explained

From the side, roulette may seem quite simple no matter whether you are playing at a land-based or online casino. However, there are multiple bet variations outside a single one around a wheel. Moreover, each betting combination comes with devoted odds.

Below we have gathered all the necessary details on roulette odds and payouts, so even beginners will master this game like pros. After reading the article you’ll only need to choose a provider on the Casino HEX website and enter a roulette table. What can be simpler?

Roulette Bets

One of the things that players love so much about roulette is the number of available bets: you can place money not only on a single number but on multiple groups as well. Such diversity allows placing bets with different winning frequencies and sizes. The three categories include:

  • Inside bets. Take a look at the layout of the roulette table: it contains a series of numbers (from 1 to 36, and 0 and 00 in the American variation) and other bet sectors. Inside bets are those, which are placed on the numbers directly;
  • Outside bets. These are the bets, which are placed on the sectors outside the traditional roulette layout;
  • Announced bets. While the inside and outside bets are the standard ones that every roulette player should know about, there are also announced bets. They are more advanced and are available not in all casinos. Announced bets mean that the player places enough money to cover the total wager.

The House Edge

Another important definition to keep in mind is the house edge. It’s the advantage, which providers have over players. For example, the American wheel house edge is 5,26% and the European wheel – 2,7%. As you see, the American wheel is not so beneficial for players.

Even though in both cases the advantage is minor, it’s still enough for the casino to make profits. Keep in mind that while you think about short-term wins, casino providers consider profits within hundreds of thousands of spins. The only way to be noticed is when utilizing a computerized roulette system.

Roulette Odds

More and more people are choosing online gambling over land-based casinos. Luckily, bets payouts are rather straightforward and all the terms are well familiar even if your experience playing roulette is quite limited. As you know from the above, there are outside and inside bets. The first ones have higher chances of winning but they are usually not so big.

Roulette odds are your chances of winning if the bet selection is random. When players use advantage game methods, roulette odds change. For example, when betting on a single number in European roulette, the odds are 1 in 37. But when playing on a computer device, gamblers have 1 in 10 odds. Thus, the chances of winning are tripled.

Each of the bets has a different payout, so if you’re a player that is used to calculating the outcome, we recommend familiarizing with the payouts of every bet before starting the game. Here are a few examples:

  • Inside bets. Straight-up – 35 to 1; Split bet pays out 17 to 1; Street – 11 to 1, while the Corner bet – 8 to 1;
  • Outside bets. Red or Black, Low or High, Odd or Even bets have a 1 to 1 payout; Column bet and the Dozens bet payout 2 to 1.

After getting familiar with the odds, we also recommend getting familiar with the so-called roulette RTP – payout ratio. It’s nothing but an expected long-term bet value. It’s calculated for every roulette bet and is available online in free access.

Roulette is Fun for Those, who love Calculating

While video slots are for players, who simply want to spend leisure without any worries and skills, roulette and other table games require a certain set of knowledge. Apart from different roulette strategies, there are bet odds and payouts to consider. Understanding all the options and features, the game will be even more fun.

You will significantly improve your chances of winning even if playing online instead of going to Atlantic City or Las Vegas land-based casinos. But even if calculating don’t forget to have fun!