6 Best Online Sites and Platforms for Cryptocurrency Trading


Cryptocurrency trading became very popular in the past few years and it’s something that grabs the attention of many people, even those who are not into the world of cryptocurrency. In fact, with some of the latest changes in the prices for some of the popular cryptocurrencies, many new people were introduced to the possibilities in the crypto-world. If you are one of those people, then you are probably eager to find out what the best sites and platforms for cryptocurrency trading are. Luckily for you, that’s what we’re here to talk about in today’s article.

It’s very important to find a reliable trading platform if you are serious about making profit and most importantly, never losing your funds. Currently, there are so many websites out there, and it’s sometimes difficult to choose the one that matches your needs. Every site advertises as the first and best trading platform, but is that really true? It doesn’t make sense really.

However, you can always do research and find a few solid ones that you can stick to using for a long time. If you don’t have the time for that type of research, worry not, because we’ve done it for you.

1. Binance


Binance has been around for a very long time and one of the main things they’re known for is their BNB coin which managed to rise up in price quite a lot in the past few years. Binance is pretty safe and they recently had a lot of new security regulations and protocols, further increasing the safety of the website and their users overall. It has a pretty friendly user interface and there are two versions of the trading system, one for advanced users and one for beginners. Binance is a great choice if you are new and willing to learn about crypto-trading. But, if you don’t find that one appealing, there are always other choices as well. If that’s the case, you can learn more at bitcompare.net.

2. Coinbase


Coinbase is just very popular and a lot of people use it. Now, there’s something tricky about popular platforms. Although the more users there are on it, the safer everyone else feels about the entire thing. But, sometimes this can be quite the opposite effect. When a site has so many users, it’s often the target of hackers and those who want to steal the crypto-currencies of others. We don’t want to scare you by any means, especially not when Coinbase is in question because this site is very secure and it has a great reputation, but keep in mind what we said above.

3. Robinhood


Robinhood is one of the most reputable trading and investing platforms in the world. One of the main disadvantages though is that it’s not available in every country. If you are from the Balkans for example, Robinhood is probably not available in your country. But, that’s not enough to bring this amazing platform down. In places where it is available, users are more than satisfied with their experience. If you are looking for a safe place to start and one that’s user-friendly, this is the right choice.

4. Gemini


At Gemini you get ten dollars free if you are a beginner, and that’s more than enough motivation for some people to start trading on this platform. If you are looking for a head start, this is how you get it. Gemini is a platform that knows how to attract users. Upon opening the website you’ll see that it has a minimalistic style and it’s built with one purpose, to help users learn as they go in a convenient way. Download their smartphone application if you want to take things to the next level and constantly keep track of your portfolios with ease. Never miss a price swing or a market crash. Invest smart.

5. BlockFi


BlockFi is another popular platform where you have the option to open up an interest account. The best thing about it? There isn’t a minimum value that you need to deposit in order to start getting the interest. BlockFi has good reputation and it’s visited by many users on a daily basis. It’s not the most popular choice when it comes to these things, but it’s definitely worth considering. For a long-term investment and saving goal we feel like it’s the right choice to make.

6. Coinmama


Don’t let the name fool you, this is a very serious investing and trading platform. On Coinmama’s website you can instantly get all the information you need when it comes to registering and beginning your life as a crypto-trader or investor. Your browser will get checked before accessing it, but that only lasts for a few seconds and then you can freely begin your trading journey. Coinmama has great reputation and is trusted by many users. Their website is well-built and it contains all the required information that a beginner would need when getting into the world of cryptocurrency.


Now that Bitcoin and other currencies are down in price, it’s a great time to start investing. Don’t miss out on this train before it’s late once again. If you are willing to get into the world of cryptocurrency, your first step should be finding a reliable platform. The best way to find one? Do enough research. We live in the era of information, and especially today we have access to information about this particular sphere. Not spending enough time researching can be an issue because security concerns with crypto coins are pretty high, and it’s not like breaches and scams never happened in the past.

Out of all the things that you can do on the internet, this one is probably the riskiest if you are not careful enough. As a beginner, you have a lot to learn. Hardware wallets and all that is just the beginning. But, it all starts with finding a reliable and safe platform for trading. We hope we helped you make the right decision.