Opening Night Predictions: San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors

This might be the preview of the Western Conference Finals. Spurs and Warriors are two of the best teams in the NBA, and this is a great gift to all NBA fans around the world. Spurs will be without Tim Duncan for the first time in 18 years while Kevin Durant will make his official debut for the Golden State Warriors.

Spurs usually have almost the same team at the start of each year. That is not the case this time as Tim Duncan and Boris Diaw are not on the team anymore, but Pau Gasol is now a member of the Spurs. Leonard has established himself as one of the best players and defenders in the NBA. We saw him getting improved every new season and same will happen this year. Spurs are again elite in the West, but it just seems that they are not as big of a threat to win it all as they were in previous years.

Warriors are loaded with star power and are ready to use it on opening night. One of the things to watch will be how Kevin Durant performs in his Warriors debut. He will have a tough task going up against Kawhi Leonard so that matchup is definitely exciting. We are not sure if Durant can score a lot on Kawhi, but we know that Curry will score on Parker.

We need to go with Golden State in this one. It’s the opening night in Oracle Arena that will be buzzing. Spurs will play their best, but Curry will torch them for 35 points and Warriors will run away in the second half and win the game 102:88. First round and we already have fantastic duels like this, it will be a long and exciting season.