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How To Organize A Short Notice Move Without Losing Your Mind

How To Organize A Short Notice Move Without Losing Your Mind

There is no better feeling in the world when you first time gets in your new home and you are ready to finally cook in your kitchen and sleep in your own bedroom. But that’s an ideal situation, and we all know that moving sometimes comes with a lot of stress and losing nerves. But, is it possible to move without that anxiety and losing your mind? Probably not, but you can do everything in your power to minimize that effect.

According to expomovers.com, a lot of people who use a lease for their current home, don’t even hope that one day they can be forced to move on short notice, before the expiration day. Even though these actions may have legal consequences, the best you can do is to pull yourself together and start planning to move out there on short notice. Sometimes you may have only a few weeks to do that or even days, and you think you will die from all that stress. But, you can use some of these tips to prevent headaches and move efficiently and quickly:

1. Find a moving company that can fit you immediately


Most of these companies work with a pretty busy schedule, and you will have to call a few of them until you can find one to help you with the furniture and other inventory. In some cases, you can complete the whole relocation in one trip, but sometimes it’s not even possible to think about that. But, before they come, label every box, so you can know where your belongings are, and which package is a priority to open after you arrive at the new place.

2. Write down a master plan


Take a piece of paper, or a few of them, and write down everything you have to do before you leave the apartment. Make notices on checking the cupboards and wardrobes, so you can take all your personal belongings, without the risk of forgetting them. Also, make a plan when and how to clean the space. Plan which things to put in which box. If you think that you will remember everything you need to do – you won’t. That’s why the written plans are the best in this case. Do you need to repair something? When do you have to hand in the keys? Do you need to rent storage too? Should you cancel the Internet, so you can sign up for a new plan? All those things are important, and if you forget something, you can miss important things, and end up with a lot of headaches. Once the list is completed, you can start crossing off the things you’ve done, and focus on what’s left. After everything is finished, you can leave the current apartment with enough peace of mind.

3. Declutter all the rooms


First, take a trash bag and throw away everything that you haven’t used in months or years. Mostly, we clutter the living space with a lot of clothes and cosmetics, shoes, boxes we think we will need, food boxes, plastic bags, jars, and a lot of paper. You can even select them for recycling. That will leave you with fewer things than you initially planned to pack. Focus only on the things you use. You don’t need to relocate the trash, just to forget about it in your new place.

4. You can take a few days off the work

Moving is a huge thing, and most of the managers and bosses will completely understand why do you need a day or two to do that. Also, you can use your vacation days through this process, or even take sick days if possible. You have to relax the night before, and then start with all the things that need to be done, in order to pack everything up, call the moving company, put all the boxes and possibly your pieces of furniture there, and hope that you will complete everything in one day. There will be plenty of challenges, especially if you are very limited with the time notice. But, basically, you need to throw out the trash, give away the things you won’t ever use, but are still new and ready to be used, and then pack up what’s left behind. Don’t get nervous, because nothing good will come from that. Make sure you don’t forget anything because it can be pretty difficult to get that thing back once you leave the apartment or house.

5. Ask for a help


Your family will always be here to support you. If they live in another city or country, they may not be able to come and help you move your belongings to the new place. But, you surely have some friends that may help, at least with packaging and throwing away the trash. This is very helpful, especially if you live alone. Also, be polite when asking, because you really need this type of help. It’s also understandable that most people find that too difficult and challenging, and you shouldn’t get angry with them if they aren’t able to help you out with this one. On the other hand, you can ask a friend who drives a car to help you with something, so you can save on moving service. At the end of the day, you will eventually move on time – but the question is can you really do it with a little or no stress at all?

Obviously, it’s impossible not to be stressed when doing things on short notice.

But, you can do anything in your power to get organized quickly, and not leave things for later. Take your time, get relaxed, and after that, it’s time to seriously work on the issue. But, don’t lose your mind. Try to stay as calm as possible, no matter how frustrated you are. In the end, it’s a chance to open a new page in your book of life. Who knows, maybe better things are waiting for you at the new apartment.