How to Organize your Last Minute Move – 2024 Guide

Every person has moved from one place to another at least once in their life. Moving is chaotic, it is time-consuming and it is really stressful. In most cases, you start packing way too late and when a few days just before you have to move, you end up just throwing things in bags and hoping that you will make smarter choices once you start to unpack at the new place. If you want to organize the whole process and if you want to experience less stress, there are some things you can do.

No matter if you are preparing to leave for college, if you are finally moving out of your parents’ house, or if you bought a place of your own, the process of packing up your things and hoping they will fit in all the boxes is the same. When you start doing that, you will realize you have too many things you don’t use and that you don’t have enough bags or boxes. You will feel like you want to scream and you will want to give up and stay in that same place forever.

Even though everyone goes through the same things every time they have to switch homes, there is one thing you should know – it doesn’t have to be this hard. There are some things that can help you with your last-minute move, and we created this guide to help you do it fast, easy and without too much trouble.

Make a list

When you have a list, it is going to be like having your own personal guide. You can write down all the things you need to do and need to pack. That way you can prioritize and start with the things that are vital. You can also create a separate list of things that need to be packed, donated or thrown away.

When you follow a list, you feel more organized and you won’t panic as much. When you cross the things off it, you will feel better and more accomplished.

You can also add some additional notes or an additional plan that will tell you when you have time to take a break, when the moving company is going to get there and when it’s time for lunch.

Make important decisions

You need to quickly decide if you are going to use something or just pack it and then forget about it. Things like that usually have an emotional value for us, or we keep them just because we didn’t throw them away on time. When you are packing things, try to throw away things that you are never going to use.

Another thing that you will need to decide on is when the moving company is getting there, which service you are going to use and so on. Try to at least do the research on the companies a few weeks before the moving date. You need to find a reliable company, and you need to make sure that they will be there on time. Pick the time depending on your speed and your time and don’t be late.

Finding an available company may be a bit difficult depending on the moving day. Easy Peasy Removals suggests that booking a company on a workday is the way to go because most people try to book the moving company on weekends and they may not be available for you.

Use reminders

The easiest way to switch between tasks and to make sure you have enough time for everything is to create a plan and use reminders. That way you will get a notification about important things and you will not forget to grab a bite to eat or move to the next room.

When you finish the tasks faster, you will have more time to take a break. If you divide your time, it will be easier to keep things under control and you will know exactly what you need to do next.

Start early

No matter what time the moving company will be there, you need to start your day early. Try to get a good night’s sleep and make enough time for you to enjoy your morning routine without rushing.

When you start the day early, you will have more time to double-check things and to make sure that everything is where it is supposed to be. Pay attention to the important box with personal items like jewelry, documents, phone chargers and so on. It is best if you don’t let the moving company take that box and to keep it with you at all times.

Try not to rush and breathe. When you get up early in the morning, you can even make some last-minute changes and still have time to finish everything. Experts say that if you allow yourself to sleep in, that you will feel more anxious and that you may feel overwhelmed and distracted.

As you can see, things don’t have to be that stressful and if you follow our guide, you will be able to save a lot of time, plus it won’t be that time-consuming when you need to unpack. Try to do things one at a time, as multitasking can make you feel anxious. However, this depends on the type of person you are. Sometimes multitasking can make you feel like you are having more things under control and you may feel like you are finishing things faster.

If you don’t think you will be on time, you can ask for help from your friends or family. People can finish things faster if they work together, just make sure to tell them to label things, so you don’t spend hours looking for your things. Always pack the things you will need the first day or two in a separate bag. That way you won’t have to stress about not being able to find your toothbrush or underwear.

The most important thing is to relax, you will get everything done on time. If there is an option, you should start packing things up at least a few weeks before the move, but even if you don’t, miracles can happen in only a day or two.