Outdoor Activities for Adults That Will Improve Your Health

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As an adult, it is easy to find most of our day wasted away inside. We have to spend all day in the office, worrying about getting that big project done by the deadline. We have to worry about getting to school activities, cleaning the house, making supper, and more. And when we go to relax, we may sit down on the couch and watch television instead of moving.

Being outside can be so important for your overall health. Whether you are looking at physical health by moving around or emotional and mental health by enjoying the sun and fresh air, you will find there is nothing better than being outside to improve your health. Some of the best outdoor activities for adults that will improve your health include:


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The first activity that we will take a look at is swimming. Swimming is a great exercise and you can decide how intense you would like to make it. It is also low-impact, making it good if you are new to working out and physical activity or if you want to stay fit without putting too much strain on the body. The water provides some of the resistance you need for muscle strength.

Swimming can also be a good way for you to relax and let go of the stress you may feel. When you float around in the water, it can dull some of that sensory information that can sometimes feel overwhelming, which is going to create a feeling of calm. The rhythmic movements and breathing will provide a kind of meditation that will make you feel good too.


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There is no better way to get out and enjoy all that nature and the outside have to offer other than hiking. Hiking can be a nice, peaceful walk in your local park or you can boost the intensity and make your heart pound as you go along. Hiking is great for toning the upper and lower body, especially if you bring along the poles. You will find it is a great heart-healthy workout.

You can even use this exercise when you feel a little bit stuck. Hiking is going to help improve creative thinking and issues with problem-solving. As you work your way down the trail, you will get to enjoy all the calming effects of the noises around you, such as the rushing water and the birds. You will end the hike feeling relaxed and ready to tackle any type of problem.

Taking a Bike Ride

Source: outwardbound.org


One option that you can take the time to try out when you want to be outside and see the world while improving your health is a bike ride. These can get your heart rate up and are nice whether you would like a nice stroll around the park or you use it as a form of transportation that will help you feel good.

Many adults are worried that bike riding will be too difficult or that they may have some problems with balance that they need to handle. Rather than worrying about falling or getting into a situation that is not safe for you, consider a tricycle for adults as well. This gives you an extra wheel, providing more stability than you can get on your own as well.

This is just one of the bikes that you can choose to work with as well. You may want to go with a traditional bike, one that has larger wheels, or even an e-bike if you would like to get something that provides a little break as you are riding along. You have a lot of choices, but there is no denying that there are a ton of benefits to riding a bike to improve your health.



While you are out in the fresh air, it is a good idea to seek out some peace and stability as well. Outdoor yoga is able to provide this for you. The combination of mind and body workout will provide you with its own benefits to health. But when you combine it with yoga, you will find that your whole mind and body will feel better in no time.

For those who are dealing with chronic stress that doesn’t seem to go away, then it is time for you to take a step out and enjoy some of the outdoor yoga. Contact with nature is enough to help reduce stress, mitigate many diseases, strengthen the immune system, and even lower your blood pressure overall. This makes it perfect for all of your health needs.



Paddling lets you get out in the sun, work the upper body out, and be out on a lake to enjoy the serenity as well. Lovers of paddling will say that the biggest draw to doing this is the peace and serenity of being on the water all the time. Research shows that paddling will have a ton of benefits to our mental and physical health as well.

To start, a good paddle workout will help increase the muscle strength of your upper body, including the chest, shoulders, arms, and back. It is also good for core strength and even leg strength if you are a kayaker. Despite the good workout and the time in the fresh air, paddling is low impact so you will not need to worry about strains or injuries.

Even better, paddling is going to bring along a lot of great mental health benefits as well. The water is enough to provide some calming effects on the brain when needed.

Choosing the Right Activities

There are so many great activities that you can do when you spend time outside. The biggest factor is which one stands out to you and sounds like a lot of fun? When you enjoy the activity and don’t dread doing it, you will find that it is much easier for you to keep coming back to it. And that consistency will go a long way in helping improve your overall health.