What to Pack for a Family Beach Vacation – 2024 Travel Guide


Imagining an idyllic beach trip is pretty easy. The kids are nice and calm, they are playing in the sand, and their parents are relaxing themselves by the seaside. Sadly, as a wide majority of parents know that this is not the reality they know. We are pretty certain that this can be really hard to control. Sand is entering all of the places it shouldn’t, the weather is not always perfect, and kids have tantrums. Fear not, all is not lost. Therefore, you need to create some shortcuts and life hacks in order to be perfectly prepared for it. This is the reason we’ve decided to provide you with some of them to avoid struggles with all negative elements when you got there.

The Essentials

It doesn’t matter what age ranges your family group is consisting of. If you are not on the visiting a beach during wintertime then the answer to the question about essentials is obvious. Some of the essentials are hats, rash vests, sunglasses, sunscreen, and swimmers. Besides these, there are items can’t be considered as essentials, but we believe they are equally needed. Now are going to talk about them.


Having plenty of water near you while you are on the beach is a must. Moreover, you could freeze it overnight or bring a mobile refrigerator with you. After that, you need to bring some snacks that are not going to melt under the sun. The unofficial, but equally respected, law for beaches is that you need to have ice cream with you. This is enough reason not to leave your wallet in the apartment.

First-aid Pack


In some cases, you will need a first-aid pack with your while you are on a beach. Injuries are not uncommon for beaches, you can get cut on the stone, you can get burned if you are under the sun for too long, etc. Having one of these can be really helpful.

Home Comforts

Another really important thing you should bring to the beach is a blanket where you can sit on. You should consider bringing some extra towels, fold-up chairs, windbreak or an umbrella. That way you could have some shelter where you can relax. You could even think about bringing a tent where you can hide. Maybe you can even bring a tent with you. This is an interesting choice if you ask us, and you should consider it. If you are interested in some of these, check authoritytoplist.com.


One more thing we consider essential on a family trip is the camera. Capturing all the memorable moments from your family vacation is a must. You will have the opportunity to relive these moments after you come home and you look at your family album. If you are interested in more adventurous things, you can get a special camera and took some of the pictures under the water. Just imagine you have a memorable picture from under the water that captures all of your family. This is definitely one worth remembering and reliving. This is the reason we consider this a must.

Hair Brush


Salty beachy hair is nice until you go through it. Then you will realize that it feels like one big knot. You need to be sure that you bring a hairbrush in these cases. Moreover, maybe some of your children don’t like the feeling, so you might need it. In case you have sensitive hair, then you could also use after sun leave on spray, which can be of a lot of help.

Reusable Utensils

If you’ve decided to bring some food to the beach, then bringing reusable utensils is definitely the way to go. That way you are both going to enjoy your meal with your family and protect the family at the same time. The only thing you need to do after you complete your meal is packing them in a plastic bag. On the market, you can find very interesting sets.

Float Straps for Devices

In case you are bringing your devices on the beach, you need to make them waterproof. And of course, they need to float. Seriously, finding the smartphone you just bought at the bottom of the sea is not fun. Therefore, some measures of prevention need to be taken. Wrapping all of the devices in the float straps could lead you a long way. On the other hand, you can ring a waterproof phone case to the beach with you. We are pretty certain that you can find a lot of varieties can protect your devices from water.

Portable Waterproof Speaker


Bringing a speaker to the beach doesn’t mean that you are about to organize a party. Even when you are with your family, you can have fun while listening to music. Plus, it is always better to bring a waterproof speaker on the beach. The final result of this combination is portable waterproof. Usually, they are pretty small, but they have a high-quality sound.

Waterproof Dry Bag


We sincerely think that you can go to the beach without having a waterproof dry bag. Putting all of your belongings into a waterproof dry bag will give you some peace if you are carrying anything that shouldn’t get water. In here, all of your electrical devices are safe, you can rest assured.

Beach Games

There is no reason why you shouldn’t bring some games to entertain yourself while you are on the beach with your family. You can bring a corn hole, cards, frisbee, paddleboard, etc.

Trash Bags

Be sure to bring some trash bags with you. You should leave no trace or any piece of trash after you. You need to make sure that you’ve picked all of the junk before you get back to the apartment. That way you will give your children a good example of how they should act in these situations.