Packaging Box Designs For Skincare Products

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Cosmetics are one of the most popular types of products out there that and the cosmetics industry is one of the most valuable industries at $550 billion in 2018. However, a large part of cosmetics products is the packaging box designs that people are so heavily attracted to.

However, there is a reason why buyers are so heavily attracted to these packaging boxes. Some of the reasons for it are:

• Because the design is stylish and good-looking
• Because the dimensions of the packaging are accurate, thus aesthetically pleasing
• Because the packaging design holds crucial information such as product information and company profile
• Because the packaging design and boxes are convenient and can be used for other things as well.

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The cosmetics industry is well worth the billions because cosmetics manufacturers can rely on the packaging box design to appeal to the customer’s naked eye. The cosmetics packaging serves a bigger purpose than to simply hold the product, and that is why people buy them.

We can know for sure what we’re buying, so we leave it to our eyes to judge whether or not the product looks attractive or not by examining the product’s packaging. is one company that designs packaging boxes for cosmetic products. But they don’t design just the packaging, they also offer custom printed services on those same packaging boxes.

Types of Cosmetic Product Packaging Boxes

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Cosmetic products are mostly packed into cardboard packaging boxes that vary in size and design. Although cosmetic products can be packed with other materials, it is considered a general rule of thumb for the packaging to be of cardboard.

The most popular cosmetic products that require box packaging are:

• Eyeliners, eyelashes, and eye shadows
• Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, and lip liners
• Skin creams, body lotions, foundations, serums, moisturizers, face creams
• Nail polishes, skincare products, hair care products
• Anti-aging products, perfumes, colognes, anti-dandruff products, and more
There are some variations of these products that come in plastic packaging; these products don’t have to be packaged into cardboard box designs.

The Importance of a Good Box Design

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We mentioned how none of us actually knows what the product we’re buying looks like, so we rely on the packaging itself. If the packaging is eye-catching, then we tend to buy that product. It is the purpose of the box packaging design to be appealing and to lure the customer into buying the cosmetic product.

Much of the sales of a certain cosmetic product can be attributed to the design of the packaging. Since the cosmetics industry is fast-paced, cosmetics giants need to focus a lot of their time and resources into creating the best possibly appealing box packaging that would appeal to the customers.

Nowadays, aesthetics is the sole factor in box packagings for cosmetic products. But that wasn’t the case in the early stages of the industry. In the past, cosmetics packaging was used to

• Protect and preserve the product
• Identify the brand, name, and labeling of the product
• Enable it to be tamper-resistant
• Prevent leakage
• Used for recycling
• Protect the product from sunlight
• And to look attractive