10 Packaging Design Ideas & Tips on How to Make Your Product Stand Out – 2024 Guide

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Choosing the product that you need, when you are in the store can be really hard if you have never tried that before. For example, you want something but there are multiple options to choose from. The one thing that will make you select the item is the design of the package. If it looks good, that gives an impression like the owner really cares about that, and with a great package often comes a great product, so you will get it, and if the quality is good, you will stick to it.

When owning a company, you always want to improve your product so in the end, you earn more because of it. Improving the product can mean many things but if you keep the quality high, the next thing that you should focus on is how to present it to your customers in the best way possible. That can be done with great packaging so you improve their experience of using your product. There are many things that you can do to make the design great, so you become better than your competitors and customers choose your products by default, making your brand recognized by quality.

In this article, we will talk about some tips and ideas on how to improve the design of your product so you can become better than the other companies that sell similar things and have customers choose you over them.

1. Don’t overdo it


When planning the design of the item that you are producing, make sure that you don’t add too many things to it so it becomes all clogged up. Make sure that you are advertising your item in the best way possible so people know what they are buying. For that purpose, all you need is a clean design, with not too many things on it. Display how the product looks, add colors to it, and have great writing. You can even add quotes with a smaller font somewhere so if someone notices, it will brighten their day.

2. Have a great color selection

To have your item stand out from the others, the easiest way to do that is to select a great color that will separate it from the others. However, you have to make sure that the color is suitable for the product. The colors have a great power that tricks the eye into buying the product, especially if you combine two or more that go well together. Having a simple and clean design, combined with a great color selection, are the first steps in having your product closer to the customers.

3. Keep in mind the customers that you are trying to attract

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This is really important to be considered because depending on the customers, that is how the package should look. For example, if you are selling something for children, it has to be colorful with bright colors that attract their eye and makes them want it more. If you are producing an item for a different group of people make sure that it meets their interests so they are more enticed into getting it before the other options. Companies are now taking their packaging job over to various flexible design companies where they can get their own custom mylar bags with any design they’d like.

4. Implement an interesting shape

Another way to be different than the others is to have your product fit into a different shape. There are multiple options that you can explore so you can find one that fits the best. Make sure that not only it looks good, but it is practical too.

However, interesting packaging is always more complicated to make which is why it is  important to find an experienced company that can deliver such products as suggested by Mitchel-Lincoln, a packaging company.

5. Keep the size in mind

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Depending on what you sell, you can consider changing sizes to the other items that other companies produce. For example, you can make bigger products for purposes where there are gatherings of people to make everything easier. Sometimes, you can make a smaller version of the item if people find that good. However, make sure that the size of the package, fits the size of the product well, so people don’t have to carry big items with less product in them.

7. Think of the materials that you will use

This is really important as well because of the fact that we have destroyed our environment enough already and we have to do something to prevent that. Many people tend to buy products that care about this, so investing in materials that will not pollute as much will have you on a different level than the competitors. In addition, the materials are different and it will trick the feeling that the people have when they touch your item.

8. Make some changes every now and then

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Making changes to the design often is something that you should practice to keep stimulating people to get your products. That gives a feeling that you really care what you do, and that you are fully invested in the items that you sell. You don’t have to do too much, and you don’t have to change the package completely, but adding colors and designs will get the job done. Also, you can make contests with people who do designs, to make something for your items, that way you will get attention on the internet, and that will attract more people into trying what you sell.

9. Stick to one design

In case you have more than one similar product, you should make the same design with a slight difference so people can recognize that it comes from your brand and it makes an easier decision for them to buy it. Many companies do this, so you should do it too if you want to secure your place on the market properly.

10. Be sure that the product you are selling looks exactly like the one in the picture

There is a very disappointing feeling when you buy something that does not deliver the way the package looks. Before you think about how you will wrap the product up, make sure that you have a quality product, if we are talking about food, make sure that it tastes good because even though the package will be great if what is contained inside is not good, you will not earn as much as you could’ve.