Packers’ McCarthy Confident Going To Dallas To Face Cowboys

We have four matchups in the Divisional Round and all of those four games we have seen already this year. ‘Hawks already beat the Falcons in Seattle, Pats easily handled Texans at Gillette Stadium, the Steelers destroyed the Chiefs at Heinz Field while the Dallas Cowboys made a big upset at Lambeau Field by beating the Green Bay Packers.

Dallas went to Green Bay and ran the ball all over that Packers’ pass rush defense. They just couldn’t do a thing about Ezekiel Elliot and this Cowboys’ offensive line. The final score of that duel was 30:16 in favor of the visiting Cowboys.

But, this Packers squad is not the same team that the Cowboys faced back in Week 6. They have won seven in a row while their quarterback hasn’t thrown a pick in eight straight games. During that same time span, he has thrown 22 TD passes. That’s why coach Mike McCarthy is pretty confident before the match with the Cowboys.

“We’re more experienced,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said on Monday. “We’we played a lot of people. I think that hopefully will benefit us this week, coming off a tough physical game and getting ready. We’re definitely more prepared to go into an opposing stadium to win the game. We’re definitely battle-tested. We’re a better football team today than we obviously were then (in Week 6).”

We can’t blame McCarthy being as confident as he is at the moment. His team is on a big roll, and the best quarterback in the game is on fire. This duel with the Cowboys will be a thing to watch this weekend.