5 Benefits of Painting by Numbers for your Mind


We are aware that we are constantly preoccupied with things that create stress daily. The whole stress that accumulates in our body will eventually affect our body. So we need to pause for a moment and think about whether the situation we are in is worth the effort.

Over the years, various adult toys began to appear, the main purpose of which was to accumulate our stress and transform it into a positive vibration and simply relax us from every day worries. These toys are well known as stress relief toys and this group includes various stress balls, fidgets, slimes, kinetic sand, various rubber toys, a cube with push buttons, and so on. According to some research, these adult toys have become a total hit and have been shown to have a positive effect on people’s physical and mental health.


These toys have not only become popular among adults, but also children have started using them from an early age. Their main purpose is to reduce tension in the body and ensure a high level of concentration.

Honestly, I also own a few of these stress relievers and I can say that they work anyway, but when I feel tense and nervous I want to turn that negative energy into something wonderful and positive that I would be proud of later. And do you know how I do it? You probably remember when we were kids, we had those coloring books with numbers. The coloring book contained perhaps 50-100 drawings of cartoon characters that were divided into shapes and a number was engraved in each field. And under each drawing, there were numbers for example from 1 to 10 and for each number, there was a corresponding color. The goal was to color the empty fields in the drawing with the color that corresponds to that number. This was the best period of my childhood, page by page I painted all the drawings in the coloring book, and with each completion of the picture I admired my masterpiece.

Somehow when I was growing up I started to miss these moments when I was sitting carefree on the floor of my room and painting the blank pages for hours. My only concern was that my crayons would last a long time.

But honestly, some time ago I was delighted when I came across canvases on the internet that are painting by numbers. I thought to myself that I must own this kit. I ordered three pictures from thepaintingkit.com, one with a beach, the second with a giraffe and an elephant, and the third with a blossoming tree. Let me tell you something, I may not be good at painting but I know how to follow instructions.

Speaking of a painting by numbers, I want to share with you a few benefits of this activity that have a positive effect on your brain.

1. Improves memory


Before you start coloring the image, you must first research the colors, which number corresponds to which color. You will certainly not remember them at first. But when you start painting, at the beginning you will remember all the time, wait 4 was white or blue, 2 was red, it is not wrong, wait for me to look. But after a while, you will no longer need to look at the sheet which number corresponds to which color. You will already know them by heart and will only fill in the blanks until you have completed the painting.

2. It relaxes you


Painting by numbers is like a kind of meditation for your mind. This activity makes you focus on the painting itself, without thinking about other problems and worries that bother you in life. At that moment there is only you, the colors, the numbers, and the canvas, nothing else. You do not believe me? Feel free to order your painting canvas today. You will witness for yourself how much this activity can positively affect your mental health.

3. Improves attention

Has it ever occurred to you that in the middle of a conversation with a friend, or in the middle of an activity, for example at work, you lose your attention at that moment and get lost in your thoughts? No worries, this can happen to anyone. But how to solve this problem? Very easily, if you start practicing number coloring in time, you will soon notice how you no longer disconnect from conversations so often. Instead, stay focused on what your interlocutor is saying.

4. Improves mental state

Experts say this activity is great for people suffering from anxiety, and some psychologists are happy to recommend it. There is something about the painting by numbers that when we are extremely nervous makes us feel calm and relaxed. I guess the colors do it themselves, they make us feel better. Not only that, this activity makes us learn how to be more patient because the process of painting the canvas is not an activity that can be completed in a short time. It will take days for the painting to be completed, and for that, we need to have a sufficient amount of tolerance to fulfill this task.


5. Stimulates the brain

Art, especially painting, acts on the brain by raising dopamine. And we all know that dopamine is a chemical that is released into the body when we do something that makes us happy and gives us pleasure. It is a kind of message that our body sends. When we lack dopamine we are nervous, unhappy, and depressed. Without a sufficient amount of dopamine in the body, we will not have enough motivation to fulfill daily activities.

In this article, we have presented 5 benefits that your brain can enjoy if you practice painting by numbers more often. And now it is up to you to decide whether you want to provide a calm and harmonious environment to your brain and keep dopamine levels at an enviable level or you will decide to live a stressful life. If you decide on the first option, make sure to order it in time from the canvases for coloring by numbers because the stocks are consumed quickly and that can lead you to an awkward situation. In any case, I wish you fun and colorful coloring.