Be a part of the Curse of Oak Island by submitting a theory to the Lagina brothers!

Well, there is a twist in the show. Apparently, the Lagina brothers as well as the entire Oak Island team is actually interested in what you have to say about the Island. But not just any opinion, they want you to submit your theories about what is hidden beneath the surface of this mysterious island and just how do you think it could be retrieved.

You probably know that the brothers are a part of the “Fellowship of the Dig” and they actually run the Oak Island Tours Inc. together with Blankenships, Alan Kostrzewa and Craig Tester. What is new is that now the group’s website is asking the fans all around to submit any and all theories that they have about the island itself, its alleged treasures, and for the end, the technology that could help make the quest easier and more successful. Some of you might think that the show has hit a dead end and that they are grasping straws with this, but the reality is somewhat different.

You all had a chance to see The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 trailer which was revealed this week, and in it, you could notice that the brothers apparently stumbled on massive finds as well as a historic coin, keys, and the original Money Pit. The most important thing to know is that what made way to the trailer of Season 5 might not be all that it is since the team is still on Oak Island completing the season so we just might see more discoveries from them. If you have any knowledge of the Island, its secrets, treasures, or if you even have some new insights in what tech to use to speed up the process and success, the Laginas and the rest of the group are eager to hear from you, so give it a go, contact them through their site and see what happens.