How To Pass CCIE Lab Exam

The Cisco CCIE exam grants you one of the IT sphere’s most recognized certificates. If you manage to pass this lab exam, you will become a Cisco CCIE certified expert. With that comes a level of recognition in the IT world and the opportunity to seek out one of the highest-earning IT jobs.

But passing this exam is rather difficult. If the exam was easy to take, everyone would be a CCIE certified expert. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you how to pass it by giving you our expert tips.

So without wasting too much of your time, let’s start.

1. Take the Mock Exam

The nature of the industry is such that you can better prepare yourself for the test by taking a mock exam. A mock exam simply means that you’ll be taking an unofficial version of the CCIE test. With this mock exam, you will see how well you know the subject, how good you are with the practical part, how well you manage your time and learn how to configure faster.

Everyone is recommended to take the mock exam as it provides essential information regarding how well you’re prepared for the actual test.

2.  More Practice

The mock exam is free and anyone can take it. We do it so we know how well we know the subject of networking, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. But we also do it to discover which areas we’re weak on and where we can improve on.

And that’s exactly what you should be doing. Once you get the mock results, you need to practice more.

As they say, practice makes perfect. The Cisco CCIE certificate is a valuable piece of paper that can land you sweet jobs across the globe. The certificate pays well so the only thing to do is to practice before the actual exam.

A huge aspect of the real test is the lab exam, which can last up to 8 hours. This is the part that tests your skill level and determines if you’re ready to become a Cisco certified expert.

People recommend avoiding practicing the lab part of the exam on simulators as it isn’t as practical as doing it on a real machine.

3.  Seek Out Cisco CCIE Trainers

As with any IT certificate, you can find a trainer to prepare you for the exam. You might be well versed on the subject, but it’s quite common for even the most talented network experts to fail this exam.

Cisco is the leading name in networking, cloud, and cybersecurity. Thus, you won’t have a hard time finding training institutes that prepare Cisco aspirants for the exam.

And even if there are more than 1,000 Cisco training companies all across the globe, not every one of these is of the same quality. You should be looking for the best in the industry; the ones that deliver up to 90% pass rate for the CCIE.

So if you’re looking for an experienced CCIE trainer to help you pass the exam, look no further than CCIE Security Lab. For more information, make sure to visit

4.  Read Books

There are plenty of books on the subject that will better prepare you for the lab test. Learning from new sources will familiarize you with unknown terms and give you info on various subjects that you had no experience with previously.

And make no mistake about it; there are hundreds of Cisco Docs and related learning material out there. From books to PDF files to workbooks, and tons of others, the external sources from where you can learn new things about the Cisco CCIE are many. Before appearing for your CCIE Lab exam, make sure to take the time off and go through the written part first.


5.  Go One Step At A Time

Experts share their opinions on how aspiring Cisco graduates can become better and ultimately pass both qualifying and lab exams. And one of the best tips experts share to up-and-coming Cisco CCIE members is to never mix two tasks at the same time.

There is no doubt that taking a real lab exam can be nerve-wracking. But what experts suggest is to take a deep breath and focus on a single task. Instead of making the obvious mistake and going through the tasks that you already know in a bid to try and do as many as you can, focus on a single one before moving on.

Re-reading also helps as you never know what the nerves got you thinking the first time when you read the task. Experts say that the answer to the question is oftentimes hidden within the question. The solution will come if you carefully read through the question.

6.  Keep Up To Date With New Developments

The Cisco CCIE lab exam isn’t some outdated test that gets brushed aside. This is the real deal. Many call it a journey towards personal satisfaction, as becoming a Cisco certified expert is huge.

We mentioned a few times that this certificate alone can land you jobs in every corner of the world. Naturally, Cisco keeps the lab exam up to date with recent developments in the industry. What was once the standard and level of questions and tasks are now outdated and obsolete. So you can’t go through tests from 10 years ago and expect to see the same types of questions.

Cisco have their own official curriculum and practical workbooks that serve students well when the time comes for taking the lab exam. Keeping up to date with these is of utmost importance as they get updated as the technology moves forward.


You can do many things to pass the lab exam of the Cisco CCIE. From hard work to finding yourself a good trainer that will prepare you to read the latest workbook by Cisco, failure is not an option in this day and age.

But it’s important to know that you have to take this exam seriously as it can be a pathway to a career in one of IT’s most sought-after fields.