Patriots vs. Eagles Is Worst Possible SB Draw For Cowboys Fans


Dallas Cowboys season is long over, but their suffering continues. Why? Well, the Super Bowl is the only match left to play this season, not counting Pro Bowl, and the teams that made it to the end are New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

Average Cowboys fan would believe that there will be no more heartbreaks this season, but they were wrong. The pile of misery that accumulated this season just got bigger after both Patriots and Eagles made it till the end. Before the Conference Championship Games America’s Team fans very hoping for Jaguars – Vikings Super Bowl. Tom Brady played out another classic Patriots comeback game, while Eagles overrun Vikings ‘perfect defense’ like it wasn’t even there. Patriots 24 – Jaguars 20. Eagles 38 – Vikings 7. So, Jaguars won’t play in their first Super Bowl, and Vikings won’t ‘bring it home.’

In the end, who is Cowboys Nation going to root for? They have thousands of reasons not to cheer for either team and not even one to cheer for any of the two hated rivals. So let’s see why Cowboys don’t want for anyone to win this Lombardi Trophy.


New England Patriots

– Patriots have appeared in seven and won five Super Bowls in the era of Brady and Belichick.

– They won last year vs. Falcons after coming back from 28-3 deficit. In 2015 they beat Seahawks after Seattle didn’t run the ball from 1-yard line. They are considered both good football team and one with immense luck on their side.

– They are deemed as cheaters by fans of other 31 teams. Patriots wrongdoing include Spygate, Deflategate, and Tuck Rule.

– Referees are always on Patriots side.

– Unlike Cowboys who are America’s Team, Patriots are all but that.


Philadelphia Eagles

– Appeared in two Super Bowls, failed to win any. Cowboys will hope that it stays like that. ‘No Rings’ meme must never die.

– Eagles fans cheered when Michael Irvin got hurt, and throw snowballs towards Jimmy Johnson. Worst fan-base in the world.

– They notoriously put a bounty on Cowboys Kicker Luis Zendejas and QB Troy Aikman in infamous Bounty Bowl.

– They tried to lure Cowboys legend Aikman out of retirement.


So, Cowboys have no reason to cheer for any of these teams. If Patriots win, they will have more SB wins than Cowboys. If Eagles win, they will get their first ring which will be one more than Cowboys have in last 20 years. Unacceptable! As a Cowboys fan, I hope they will cancel the Super Bowl this year.