Penny Dreadful Season 4 Release Date – Is Vanessa going to come back to life?

When Vanessa Ives died in the last episode of season 3, fans were left stunned. Reportedly, John Logan, the creator, decided not to shoot another season of the show and Vanessa’s death was the actual finale. As Logan said, the show was always about Vanessa, so when she died, there was no reason to go on. However, the same man who ended the series also gave a statement that the show might continue in the form of a spinoff.

What could happen after Vanessa died?

Well, judging by the genre of the show, it is not entirely impossible that Vanessa comes back to life, why not. If that is too much, fans already shared their thoughts, the drama can continue without Vanessa, based on some other characters, and Josh Hartnett said that he is willing to proceed, so it is not hard to imagine Ethan as the main protagonist for the next season.

And what about the rest of the crew?

Hartnett also stated that he is not alone with the wishes for Penny Dreadful to continue and that the most of the crew is willing to go on. Since the show has one of the most interesting storylines, the plot of the next season could give the spotlight to some other character, aside from Ethan. For example, Brona Croft/Lily Frankenstein has a very interesting backstory to tell, and the show could be based on exploring everything about her. There are many options for this one to go on.

After petitions from the fans to bring the show back, countless letters and wishes from the people who love the series, even sturdy John Logan might change the decision. After all, he did open the well of wishes announcing that Penny could continue as a spinoff.

To make the situation even more difficult for the show, there were rumors that Showtime is no longer interested in airing the new episodes, but since the show is so popular, it is the least of the problems. There are many other networks that are eager to adopt Penny Dreadful.