People Feed Fish With Baby Bottle

Source:Anadolu Agency

A lot of tourists from Turkey and other parts of the world come to Antalya, Turkey to see the great aquarium which is a home of more than 10,000 fish. The aquarium is divided into four sections – The Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic and the Pacific.

There are 180 sharks in the aquarium that is also filled with various species of fish taken from the local waters. Kemal Kumkumoglu, the aquarium director, said that the beginning of the tourist season increases the number of aquarium visitors. He added that they are expecting visitors from Russia as well as European countries this year, which kicked off on the right note.

The aquarium offers engaging activities among which is to feed the sharks each day at 12 p.m. Kumkumoglu said: “There are 180 sharks in the aquarium and we want to show the world that there is no reason to be afraid. Also, each day, at 2 p.m. we have an activity in which people can use baby bottles and feed the fish.”

He added that fish feeding is the most popular attraction and that the visitors plan the day accordingly.

Kumkumoglu continued: “We feed the fish like babies. It is exciting to the people involved in the activity. The guards put the prepared food into the bottles, and the fish eat it in a matter of minutes. Everyone can be a part of this program, from the children who can hold the bottle, to the adults.”

He added that three baby seals are in the aquarium. “The families watch the seals’ act. They take a photo of them, kiss them and the seals answer to them,” he explained. One of the volunteers who fed the fish said: “They were very entertaining, I enjoyed giving them food. I tried to feed the little ones as well. They are adorable. I didn’t know you could use baby bottles to feed the fish. Usually, you just throw the food into the water.”