People’s Reaction to a Woman Wearing Pigeon Shoes [VIDEO]

Whether you are a fashion know-it-all kind of a person or not, every once in a while you do notice some unusual fashion items that make you stop and think for a while, either to admire the creativity of whoever designed the item in question or to wonder who on earth could wear something like that. Well, you know what they say – De gustibus non est disputandum. Regardless of how interested you are in fashion or not, it can be interesting to read about some peculiar ideas that you might as well end up loving. Thus, read on to see how one woman decided to design a unique pair of shoes and then walk around wearing them.

Keiko Ohata, a shoe designer from Japan, came up with a rather strange idea of making shoes which look like pigeons. When she showed up in a park wearing those shoes, some people expressed their admiration, while others frowned upon them. But, the point is, whether they loved them or hated them, none of them failed to notice these pigeon-like shoes. In case you are among the latter group before you judge Ohata’s creation, you should know that she had a really special reason for doing this. Namely, Keiko noticed that pigeons are generally too easily frightened by people, so she made a decision to make a pair of shoes that will be similar to these birds so as to avoid scaring them.

Ohata’s shoes were eventually rather pigeon-like, as you can see in the pictures below. She used wool, Styrofoam, and wire in order to make the shoes which have every single part of the body of a pigeon. Take a look at the video below and see it for yourself how people reacted when they saw this unusual work of art. If you really like what you see and wish to make such shoes yourself, look carefully at the photos below in which Ohata explains step by step how you can do it yourself.