Pete Dunne Reveals His Dream Opponent

Nobody was sure how the UK Championship is going to be received or even treated in the WWE. Adding more and more championships and belts to the company can be overdoing it a little bit. The more titles you have in your organization, the less is the value of every single individual championship, that is just how it goes in the world of wrestling.

But, this UK Championship has been treated pretty well as the WWE is using it as a special attraction as well as something that is going to help them in highlighting all the great wrestling talents that are in the United Kingdom, waiting for their opportunity on the biggest stage in all of the wrestling. That is how we got to see two of the young talented wrestlers that probably had the match of the year in the whole WWE at NXT Takeover Chicago. Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate have been sensational so far.

Even though Bate won the championship tournament, it was well known that Dunne was the main man in this division and that the company has the most confidence and high hopes for him. Dunne won the belt in Chicago this weekend, and there is no doubt that he deserves it. Here is what he said about his dream opponent – Brock Lesnar.

“It’s the realism, the way he carries himself. It’s 100 percent believable because he’s real. That’s someone who I’d love to get in the ring with someday. I don’t think there’s a possibility of it ever happening, but I’d also love to wrestle William Regal one day.”

It is probably unlikely that William Regal is going to return to the ring one day, so that matchup is probably not going to happen. Brock Lesnar is unlikely right now, but if he continues rising in the WWE, the sky is the limit for this young wrestler.