Peugeot Instinct: Our new favorite wagon?

The French automaker Peugeot certainly left a mark on this year’s Geneva Motor Show with some interesting cars and concepts. Among those was a Peugeot Instinct, a wagon that has a plug-in hybrid powertrain capable of producing about 300 hp! This wagon is a sporty hybrid-electric vehicle with a gorgeous body and numerous novelties, what more could you ask if you are on the market looking for a car in mentioned segment.

Peugeot Instinct Design

One of the first things we’ve noticed about this model is its astonishing design. Car looks extremely futuristic. Front end grille has sloping headlights which look extremely attractive, rear view mirrors have been replaced by cameras, suicide doors are not a common thing nowadays, but this vehicle has them. All of these features indicate that Peugeot made a mini-revolution with this car.

The interior is also full of new fancy features. The most interesting of them all is the 9.7-inch touchscreen in the middle of the center console which is something like a starting version of Peugeot’s future ‘i-Cockpit.’ It is futuristic, elegant and really handsome!

This concept features two modes when it comes to driving. First one is ‘Drive’ and the other one is ‘Autonomous’ mode. The car also offers multiple seating arrangements that are designed to give passengers as much freedom as possible when adjusting their seats. Therefore occupants will be able to fine tune the base, back, and headrest of their seats as they wish. Last but not least, Peugeot also equipped this car with a ‘chatbot.’ This feature allows users to give direct orders to ‘assistant’ with their voice. Pretty nice touch won’t you say?

However, the French automaker kept quiet when it comes to the powertrain of the car as we do not know what exactly is packed under the hood. We are aware that Peugeot Instinct is a plug-in hybrid that maxes out at 300 horsepower (224 kilowatts), but that’s it. This model is available for the public at the Geneva Motor Show, but it had its debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. So if you are currently in Geneva, stop by, this wagon is worth taking a look at.