Philadelphia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers – Preaseason Week 1 Predictions


The Philadelphia Eagles took a big risk last year by trading up in the draft in order to get quarterback Carson Wentz. So far, it looks like their decision was a good one as he looks like a good young quarterback that has a lot of promise and a bright future. They just needed to put some pieces around him in order for Wentz to have something to work with. This offseason they have made a step in the right direction.

Alshon Jeffery is going to be a big addition for Wentz as he finally has a guy that he can throw the ball to, outside of his favorite target Matthews. The Eagles are looking like a better team than they were last season, but they are playing in a very tough division. NFC East teams are no joke and anyone of those squads can win the division. The journey for the Eagles starts this week against the Packers.


Speaking of them, Green Bay hasn’t really done much on the defensive side of the ball. That was their biggest weakness last year and it is looking like there will be some holes in the secondary again. The game against the Eagles is going to show us just how deep they are in the defensive backfield.

As far as the offense goes, it seems that they have taken a step forward by bringing in Martellus Bennett, a dependable tight end that came over from the defending champions. Aaron Rodgers is still there, but the reports are that we will not see him in action against the Eagles

Because of that, we are going to pick the Eagles to win this preseason game against the Packers in Week 1. It really doesn’t mean much, but there is game to be played and guys that need to show up in order to make a roster will be ready to play. Eagles win this game 24:17.