Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens – Week 9 Picks And Predictions


The biggest question about this game is whether or not Big Ben will play. He injured his knee in Miami just over two weeks ago, and that sidelined him for Week 7 matchup with the New England Patriots. Steelers are the favorites if he is able to play, if he isn’t, this game can go either way.

Baltimore Ravens have lost four straight. They won some games against bad teams in the first three rounds. Barely winning those didn’t really convince anybody that this squad is for real and soon enough, they are on a four-game skid.

Joe Flacco and his receivers are struggling to put some points on the board. Steelers defense is not all that impressive, but Flacco will have lots of problems with them. This D-line can be deadly at times, and they recognize that their performance is even more important with Big Ben injured.

Landry Jones did have a decent showing against the Pats, but he will have to make some plays on the road if he is the one that starts. All of Steelers offensive weapons will be available to him, Antonio Brown is ready to go and will be his main target.


Baltimore is always good on defense, and it will be interesting to see what they will do in order to stop Le’Veon Bell.

Both teams are still close in rankings, so this is a big divisional match. AFC North games are always tough and always good, expect to get a real treat for the eyes. If Roethlisberger does play, there is no doubt about the fact that Steelers will win this duel.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t step on the field, this becomes a lot tougher choice. Ravens are just not to be trusted at this stage of the season and even if Big Ben is still out with a knee injury, Steelers will pull out with a close one on the road. The final score will be 20:17.