Pixel’s Google Assistant Vs Android’s Google Now – Which One to Pick?


Just like Apple has developed Siri, Google Pixel also comes with Google Assistant. For those who do not know what it is, Google Assistant is a voice-based personal assistant. New Pixel costs Rs 57,000 ($855) and Google Assistant is just one of many features, but what about Google Now from Android?

According to the “Ok Google” results, the two personal assistants are identical, although they are named differently. Both Google Assistant and Google Now have the same options and everything the Assistant is capable of, you can do with Now, which is a part of every Android device.

However, the single, but the important difference is that Assistant integrates deeper artificial intelligence and AI voice sounds more personal. Possibly the best way to try using the Google Assistant is on Google Allo chat app. The reason for this is that it is free and all Android handsets which do not use Nougat can equip this feature.

Google Now is more web-based, unlike the Assistant which seems like a default hardware feature on the Pixel. This is why the Assistant is faster and more accurate, but the difference is miniature.

You can use both features to open or install apps and make a call or send an SMS. In addition to that, the apps will help you set alarm or reminders and you can also access your favorite music. Moreover, you can access navigation, find tickets or restaurants around a city and get weather information. Reading news is also an option.

If you are unable to speak for some reason you can always type in commands in Google Now, whereas that option is unavailable with Google Assistant.


However, because of the artificial intelligence, the Assistant is friendlier and it is easier to have a conversation with its voice. The advantage of the Google Assistant is that it will learn about you and your needs. So, if you use it constantly the Assistant will improve, whereas that is not possible with Google Now.