Planning a road trip in the UK? Here is what you need to know

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The UK is a road of paradise, you will be able to experience rolling hills, scenic views, windy roads, magnificent mountains, castles, and history galore. There is probably no better way to explore the United Kingdom than on a road trip across it. A road trip will provide you with a genuine and authentic taste of the British life so much more than you would if you explored it in any other way. However, every great adventurer needs to start with a great plan, so here are some tips on what you need to know if you are planning on having a road trip across this vast country.

1. Start from the end

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When hiring a car, you will want to return the car to its starting point, rather than paying the quite high one-way fee. Pick out a few non-negotiable locations that you will want to see and plan the high-level route first, then you should fill in the details from there.

2. Choose your car rental wisely

If you are starting from the south, there are big chances that you will be flying to London. You should check out the rental cars in London that are the cheapest. However, if you are starting from the north, then you should search for Edinburgh car rental options. Once you have chosen your car provider, make sure that you are well covered, it is necessary for you to have at least a 3rd party insurance, which most of the companies provide.

3. Instead of paying for GPS, you could try a distance calculator

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There are various websites that will allow you to calculate the mileage between towns, cities, and villages. So, when planning a trip, this will be a great solution for your needs. Some of these websites, like the UKdistance, will provide you with a map of your route, driving distance in miles and kilometers, and the approximate time of driving. Also, you will need a fuel calculator in order to calculate how much the fuel will cost you. It is perfect for planning the budget for a specific trip.

4. Be flexible and reserve accommodation on the way

There are various small hotels, motels, inns, and cute B&B in the UK. You can check online for various accommodation and compare the price in order to save you some money and time, after all, you will only be staying there for a night or two so you do not need something glamorous. If you keep your hotel booking flexible and only book a day in advance, then you will be able to go where the roads take you.

5. Save money on historic sites

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Almost all of the historical sites that you can visit in Britain are free or they have a small entrance fee. However, since you will be going on a road trip, it is likely that you will be stopping at a few, if not all of these places. If you buy a special ticker in advance from specific organizations, you will be able to access multiple historic sites for a cheaper rate. You can check out prices from National Trust and the Scottish Heritage Pass.

6. And for the end, here are some location inspirations

If you do not know where to start with your trip planning, here are a few location to get creative with Stonehenge (the iconic prehistoric monument in England), Bath (a place that is know for its natural hot springs that were used in Ancient Roman times), Salisbury (an old medieval town that is home to the Magna Carta), and Oxford (the home to the most famous university in the world and various historic sites), and Liverpool (the industrial town that is the birthplace of The Beatles).


There are various things to consider when planning a road trip through the UK, but the most important things to keep in mind is the laws and regulations (Visit here for more information) when it comes to driving, the accommodations, and of course, do not forget to check the weather daily.