Plans For Brock Lesnar At Summerslam Revealed!

Brock Lesnar might be on his way to UFC since he has confronted Daniel Cormier at the UFC show and he is more than likely going to face him for the Heavyweight title. Well, that is only going to speed up the rumors of him leaving the WWE and not signing a new deal.

The story that the biggest company in wrestling industry wants to go for, again, involves Roman Reigns. They want to try to create sympathy for The Big Dog. Vince thinks that making Roman a guy who everybody doubts in the business and on that roster, is going to be the thing that gets him over with the fans.

The goal is here for everybody to tell Roman that he can’t beat Brock and that he doesn’t deserve to be in a title match. On the other side, they want to avoid fans cheering for Brock when they meet at Summerslam by having him portrayed as a bad guy who doesn’t care about the championship belt that he is wearing around his own waist.


That is why they are making Brock Lesnar work short matches during the live shows. They want to make the fans feel like he doesn’t care about the wrestling. The WWE Universe wants the Universal title to be on Monday Night Raw. Vince wants to use that fact in order to get the people to cheer for Roman Reigns.

If The Big Dog wins, he is going to bring back the championship to the show. That is his trump card. At least, he thinks that this is a good idea.

God only knows how many times McMahon has tried to get the fans to like Roman Reigns. So far, it hasn’t worked. Maybe this storyline with Brock Lensar at Summerslam is going to get the job done. It is unlikely, but only time will tell.