What Are The Plans For Sasha Banks?

Source: cagesided.com

When the divas’ revolution started an almost two years ago, there is no doubt that Sasha Banks was the most popular women on the roster. There were a lot of times when two women were wrestling, but the fans were calling for Sasha Banks as they recognized just how good she is in the ring. Now, it seems that WWE has dropped the ball with her as they failed to make her a major star.

She is still a big-time player in the Women’s division, but not as big as she should have been. Charlotte also had a meteoric rise to the top as a heel on Raw, so the company was willing to put her over Sasha and push her as the number one girl in the division.

Charlotte is not on Raw anymore, but now we have Alexa Bliss as a heel champion while Bayley is the babyface that is going to try and chase the title. What should they do with Sasha Banks? Well, we think that she needs a heel turn.

Source; inquisitr.com

The big feud that WWE can always do for the Summerslam is Bayley as a face going up against a villain Sasha Banks. For that to happen, one of these two women has to win the title back from Alexa, while The Boss needs to turn as soon as possible.

WWE can always have Banks as a face beating Alexa the heel, then Bayley wins the number one contender spot for Sasha’s title. After that they could create a situation in which Sasha has had enough of Bayley, finally turns on her and we have a big feud set for the biggest show of the summer. We’ll see if the company is willing to go in this direction, or are they saving this feud for later, maybe even for the next Wrestlemania.