Player From The AFC West Cowboys Wished They Had

AFC West was one of the best divisions in all of the NFL last year. The Kansas City Chiefs ended up winning it, with the Oakland Raiders just a game behind, but still more than good enough to make the Playoffs. The Denver Broncos were also really close to making it and were one of the best squads in the league in the first month of the season. It is unfortunate that they fell off in the second half of the season and allowed Miami to pass them.

As you can see, there are a lot of great players in this division that have enabled their teams to be as good as they were in 2016. Among all the great players that AFC West has, we have one in mind that the Cowboys would love to have. This man is our clear-cut favorite, and he is somebody that certainly could improve the entire squad. We are talking about Khalil Mack of the Oakland Raiders.

The Dallas Cowboys defensive line was so bad last year that they made it their priority to boost it early in the NFL Draft. They took Taco Charlton with their first round pick in the hope that he will be that defensive end that they need so badly.

Well, Khalil Mack is already one of the best that NFL has to offer. Grant it, Oakland’s defense overall is not one of the best in the game, but Khalil Mack is the difference maker. If you don’t double team him, he is going to wreak havoc all over your offensive line. That is what the Cowboys are missing and are trying to find. With monster stats that this guy has, we are sure that pretty much any team, including Dallas, would love to see him in the lineup.