Player From NFC East Cowboys Wished They Had

There aren’t many game-changing superstars in the NFC East right now. Yes, there are some promising, decent young players that are going to be the faces of their respective franchises, but there are also some big-time veteran playmakers. But, there are only one or maybe two guys that are true superstars in the NFL. One of them is a player that Cowboys wished they had on their roster. Actually, when you think about it, every team wants this man on their roster.

We are talking about Odell Beckham Jr. We can’t even think about how awesome the pairing between Odell and Dez Bryant would be. We are going to have a chance to watch Odell team up with Brandon Marshall on the Giants, but he is slowly but surely getting up there in age. Bryant, on the other hand, is a bit more athletic and will maybe even be better than Marshall in 2017.

At this stage of Eli Manning’s career, we can say that he is a more experienced quarterback than Dak Prescott, but we are not sure that he is better. With the way Dak is protecting the ball and finding his guys behind that massive offensive line, we can say that Prescott would be better for Odell Beckham Jr. than Eli Manning.

There are some good defensive players in this division that Cowboys wished they had, especially on the Giants squad, but when you have a guy that is as good as Odell is, you have to pick him as the best player over any man that would fill any possible need that the Dallas Cowboys have.