Players That Deserve All-Star Starting Spot In The Eastern Conference

NBA voting is coming to a close pretty soon. The fans have been voting in the starters in every year, but this year the starting spots will be earned differently. Fans votes are only a 50% of the final decision, while the other 50% will be given by the media and the players. Here we are not going to talk about the predictions, we are talking about the guys that deserve to start.

Point Guard – Isaiah ThomasCeltics point guard has been on fire this season with 28 PPG. He is up to 12 games in which he has scored over 30 points this year, one match with over 40 points and even one duel in which he scored over 50. Kyrie is great, but Thomas has had the best season.

Shooting Guard – DeMar DeRozan – He is averaging over 27 PPG for the second-best team in the East. He has had an amazing year so far and definitely deserves the spot over Dwyane Wade who will get the support of the fans.

Small Forward – Giannis Antetokounmpo – Greek Freak has been the best player on the Bucks this season and is one of the leading candidates for the Most Improved Player. He does have the support of the voters, so we are sure he is going to start for the East. Well deserved.

Power Forward – LeBron James – There is no point in debating or explaining this one. The best player in the world will make his 13th All-Star game appearance this year.

Center/Forward – Jimmy Butler – Well, since there is not clear starting center spot in the voting, people can choose between “front court players.” Jimmy Bulter is playing at the three for the Bulls and making his case for a Top 10 NBA player. He deserves to be in the starting lineup.