6 Differences Between Playing Offline and Online Poker


As a traditional card game, poker continues to gain in popularity, especially with the progress of technological achievements after which it took its new, virtual form. Numerous passionate players around the world are thrilled by the fact that they can now access the poker table with just a few clicks in case they don’t feel like going to the nearest casino. On the other hand, there are still those who find real pleasure in standard card games, as the spirit of this game truly fulfills them only in that way. Whether you prefer the comfort of your home or the atmosphere that the casino brings you, the rules don’t change. Of course, both ways of playing have their advantages and disadvantages, so if you’re thinking about the way that would work best for you, maybe it’s time to consider some differences.


So far, you may not be quite sure what characterizes one game and what another. It’s not too late to understand all the pros and cons and decide whether to enjoy online or standard poker. We advise you to check out the following lines, try both variants and see what makes you happy.

1. The difference in the freedom of expression of reactions

You know you can’t be successful in poker if you can’t bluff. Your reactions can be either your best ally or your biggest enemy. Once you find yourself face to face with your opponents at the table, you must be able to control your reactions. Your emotions are your biggest weakness and, if your frustrations are significantly noticeable, that might prevent you from gaining respect from others. At the table, you’ll have to be careful and hide your excitement so that you don’t get busted.

However, all of these rules apply to casino poker. When playing from the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to worry about your emotions and facial expressions. This gives you a certain amount of relaxation and that’s why many opt for this way of enjoying the game. But, there are still those who think that the real charm of this card game is exactly that “poker face” moment.


2. The difference in communication

Online and standard gamblers are two quite different categories. Unlike a casino, where you’ll often meet the same opponents who are regular guests there, you can play against various types of people online. You can’t see them and you don’t know anything about them, which leaves them enough freedom to communicate with you the way they want.

As a result, online players regularly face ugly and rude comments and insults on a national, gender, racial, or religious basis. You won’t experience this situation so easily when in a real casino. The person you’re sitting next to must be revolted by your behavior to have a reason to verbally attack you, but most will avoid situations like this so as not to disturb the peace and pleasure.

3. Differences in strategies

Although the place you act from doesn’t significantly change the basic rules, a change in strategy may still affect the course of the game. Since you can’t see your opponent when playing online, you will have to rely on your research about them. This includes checking their history, results achieved, habits, and other indicators that can tell you more about the person behind the other screen. This means that the internet leaves you with the opportunity for deeper research.

In contrast, the strategy you’ll apply against a live opponent about whom you don’t know much and about whom you can’t learn much will be different. Live poker will require other ways of thinking and showing emotion.

4. The difference in convenience

You understand that, when it comes to convenience, points obviously go to online poker. We know we need to be objective, but in this case, it’s clear where you can expect more comfort. With the development of virtual games, gamblers have the opportunity to earn money from their room, and all they need is a computer. So it is with poker. You no longer have to spend a lot of time going to the casino. Getting dressed, driving, or walking to the casino, looking for a parking space, waiting for a free place – all this takes too much time, especially nowadays when excess time is a luxury. Just like pro-stave.com states in its article about online casinos – you can easily access virtual playrooms via phone or computer even after the regular casinos close.

But there are still those gamblers who don’t mind spending more time and waiting in a queue, but in return, they get the right atmosphere they’re used to. Which group you belong to depends on personal habits and preferences.

5. The difference in the number of tables that can be played

Online poker leaves the ability to play for multiple tables at once. As a result, the situation becomes more interesting but also even more favorable for you because it leaves you the opportunity to make more money.

At the casino, you will be limited to one table which will leave you wanting for a while before entering the game. Once again, it’s all up to you and it all depends on the way of playing you’re used to and what the real enjoyment of gambling is for you.


The difference in adapting for beginners

Beginners sometimes take more risks than it’s necessary and can lose a lot of money if they don’t have a ready strategy that they can implement, which is quite a usual case. Experienced gamblers will always be one step ahead of beginners before the rookies even notice it. This often results in significant loss of invested money and falling into debts that are difficult to get out of.

On the other hand, virtual casinos offer certain bonuses and free trials when you register to practice. In this way, you’ll have the opportunity to observe more experienced players online and build your strategy with which you’ll later be able to become an equal opponent.

After all, both variants are equally great. Don’t observe going to the casino as a waste of time, nor staying at home at the computer as something insufficiently authentic. Both have advantages and disadvantages – but it’s up to you to decide what suits your habits and your lifestyle and whether poker is just a momentary or a true pleasure for you!