Playoff Picture After Week 14

We didn’t have any major changes in the Playoff Picture after Week 14 as the same teams that were in after Week 13 are still there after round 14 concluded.

Patriots are now sitting on the top of the AFC East, while the Chiefs have taken the lead in their division and moved up to the second overall seed in the AFC. A loss to Kansas City on Thursday Night Football was pretty costly for the Raiders as they are now fifth in the conference. They are followed by the Broncos who are still hanging on as the sixth seed, even though they have the same record as the Dolphins.

Steelers and the Ravens are going to be caught up in a tight battle for the rest of the season. Their final showdown will take place in Pittsburgh with the winner of that game going to the Playoffs. Texans will most likely win their division and finish as the 4th seed. They hold that spot as of right now.

In the NFC, things really didn’t change much. Dallas still has a nice lead over the others, but the Giants have now cemented their Playoff spot and are closer to catching the Cowboys. The only real change that took place was Seattle dropping to 3rd seed while the Lions moved up. Tampa continued their winning ways and is now a prime candidate to win that final spot.

There are still teams that are in the hunt, but Bucs have earned the right to determine their own faith. Atlanta won in LA and is still fourth in the NFC while having the same record as the Buccaneers.