The PlayStation VR Is A New Hit

The market for virtual reality gadgets is relatively new, and it is hard to tell what to expect from a new device before it goes on sale and until people actually start to use it. However, when it comes to the PlayStation VR, the sales went beyond any expectation. The Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Global CEO, Andrew House spoke with New York Times about the sales of the PlayStation VR headsets, and the number of the units sold is really impressive.

Even though the PlayStation VR went on sale only about four months ago, Sony has already managed to ship out a total of 915,000 units. This may not seem so amazing at first, especially if you compare this number to the sales of smartphones, but you should know that Sony expected to reach a figure of one million after six months. It has been four months, and they will soon exceed that goal.

In addition, the demands in some countries such as Japan are higher than the offer, and Sony cannot keep up with this pace, which means that there would be even more sales only if there were enough of devices. Moreover, Sony has yet to launch the headset worldwide, and the people in Latin America will have a chance to purchase one of this probably at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2018.

Unlike HTC and Facebook’s Oculus, Sony is the only one who spoke openly about the sales of the VR. Even though these two companies are quiet about it, some analysts believe that they have managed to sell at least half the figure of the PlayStation VR figures. This is amazing as well because the virtual technology is relatively new to gamers around the world and this should encourage all of the VR companies to keep improving and producing fascinating gadgets.