Why are Pod Vapes the Best Option to Help Quit Smoking


Quitting becomes more comfortable when you have something to replace with. Vaping has been becoming common among cigarette quitters. It makes it easy for them to get rid of their addiction. You don’t have to bear the obnoxious odor, carbon monoxide, tar, and other cigarettes’ carcinogens.

Furthermore, you can get nicotine-based pod vapes and also non-nicotine ones. You can choose the one based upon the level of your addiction. If you are a heavy smoker, it will be difficult for you to go with non-nicotine pod vapes. Therefore, you should start with nicotine-based vapes and afterwards go to non-nicotine ones.

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There are specific reasons that make vaping the best alternative to smoking cigarettes. Some of the reasons include.

The similarity between smoking cigarettes and vaping


Both of these smoking types work by mouth to lung action. If you decide to quit smoking all of a sudden, you will bear inevitable consequences based upon your addiction level. Psychological and physical symptoms are most common to observe. Therefore, for heavy smokers, nicotine-based alternatives are provided first—for example, gums, lozenges, sprays and patches.

One of these categories is nicotine-based pod vapes. They are similar to cigarettes in their work. You will have a mouth to lung action in them. Thus, you will be able to get the sensation and action of smoking, which is not possible with other alternatives. So the pod vapes will lessen your struggle to quit cigarettes. You will have similar psychological pleasure as you get from cigarettes.

1. Ease of use


Vaping is relatively easier to use than cigarettes. You won’t be burning some dried tobacco. Furthermore, the hassle of mixing the materials and dealing with all the mess won’t be there anymore. Instead of that, you will be enjoying the nicotine vapours into your mouth and lungs. If you like to make smoke rings and patterns, this would also be possible with it.

In addition to the ease it brings, its operation is quite simple.

You will have to charge the battery to 100 percent. It would be enough for an hour of use. Afterwards, for smoking it, you will have to insert the pod in your device firmly and that’s it. You are all set to take the puff. Smoke it like you regularly do.

2. Being discreet


A significant positive point of vaping is that you can use it anywhere and anytime. The thirst for nicotine will be dealt with. Moreover, no one would stay away from you because of the burning smell. The pods are equipped with highly concentrated nicotine salt. Thus, the vapours produced through it are also rich in nicotine. This will make it possible for you to puff lightly. You won’t have to use larger clouds or vapour volumes. So if you get the thirst after eating, you can go to the washroom, take a puff and you will be alright. After you return to the table, no one will notice your smoking.

3. Portability

The incredible thing about the pods is their portability. You can take them anywhere along with you. They have a small built and can fit in your pocket. Although the size variations are there, it is based upon the brand. Despite the brand, all the sizes and made compact. Thus, they will take less space than the pack of cigarettes. You can keep the pod in your bag or pocket without anyone noticing.

4. Fast charging

A pod gets 100 percent battery within 45 minutes to an hour. This is an average time and you don’t have to worry about anything if your model takes more or less time. Furthermore, the charger and charging cable will come along in the packaging. The incredible thing is that the charger is USB type. Therefore, you can charge it quickly with your PC or laptop.


5. Range of flavours

Quitting smoking will be a lot more fun with all the flavours provided through vapes. A wide variety of palatable e-liquid flavours are available in the market. You can change yours if you get bored. Thus, you will get more fun through vaping. Furthermore, all the flavours are available in nicotine-based e-liquids. So even if you are a heavy smoker, you can bear with it.

The different flavours include Phix original tobacco flavour, American Tobacco, tropical fruit mix and many more. All these fun flavours will make you forget about cigarettes as you can get the taste you want.

In addition to the range of flavours, the nicotine level also varies in different vapes. The nicotine level ranges from 2 percent to 5 percent. So if it is hard for you to deal with nicotine addiction, you can start from the highest level. Eventually, you will come closer to quitting tobacco altogether.


6. Easy flavor changing

As mentioned above, you get a range of flavors in pod vapes. So you might be thinking that changing taste would be a troublesome thing to do. Well, that’s not true. Pods are available in different flavors and you can choose the flavor you want. For example, you have been using mint flavor but have a sudden craving for original tobacco flavor. At this time, you can remove the mint pod and insert the tobacco flavor and that’s it. No more hassle, nor more mess. You can visit this page to get the most popular vape pod flavors.

7. Low maintenance

Pod vapes are not high maintenance devices. They have a tough build and that makes them durable and drop resistant. So even if your device falls on a hard surface, it won’t break. Thus, you will be making a one-time investment. You will only need to buy pods. According to the studies, you can cut around 92 percent of the smoking cost through vaping. So it indeed is cost-effective. Furthermore, if your device has a manufacturing problem, you can claim a warranty. All of the pod vapes carry a warranty of 12 months.