Pokémon Bank – Updated


According to the Pokémon Sun and Moon website, there has just been an update for the Pokémon Bank application. The Nintendo 3DS service is now compatible with Sun and Moon.

What’s more, all Pokémon Bank users are to receive a special gift as a way of celebration of so eagerly awaited update. Starting from now you will have an opportunity to get a rare Z-Crystal item for the legendary Pokémon Mew through Pokémon Bank. This exclusive opportunity will end on Oct 2. Z-Move mechanic was introduced to the franchise thanks to the Mewenium-Z piece that works with Sun and Moon.

In the graphic below you can see how Pokémon Bank will now communicate with Pokémon Sun and Moon. Trainers’ collections from those games will have an opportunity to move over Pokémon from the previous games into Sun and Moon, by which they will expand their Pokédex and get the chance to use a variety of older Pokémon in the newer games.

An annual subscription for Pokémon Bank is $4.99. Apart from the opportunity to easily move Pokémon between games, additional storage for trainers with a huge monster collection is provided by the service. Pokémon Bank will also introduce new features for Sun and Moon, the expanded National Pokédex that will be integrated into the games. This will be a way to compensate for the rest of the previously unavailable Pokémon in the main campaign.


The Pokémon Company revealed some more details on additional features included in the Pokémon Bank update. It brings the addition of Adventure Records. Using this, players will be able to chart some important statistics from all games registered to the app, such as the number of Pokémon caught and wild Pokémon battles from their games.

Another feature that Pokémon users will be able to collect is the Poké Miles currency and transfer them to Sun and Moon as Battle Points. There are all the details of these features on the Pokémon Bank website.