Pokemon Go makes an addition to its family in a form of Togepi and Pichu and Christmas Pikachu

The everyones favorite and very addictive game Pokemon Go is getting bigger. As the hardcore players out there know, it is here with us for almost six months, and this is the first time it is getting a major update in the form of new Pokemon’s from everybody’s favorite second gen game, including Togepi and Pichu which are proudly joining the team.

These Pokemon’s, which were originally introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver for the Game Boy Color, will not be at your disposal right away in the game. No, Niantic has planned that these additions to the game won’t be immediately available on the map like any other creature out there. To make the game slightly more interesting, the company decided that these will have to hatch out of eggs from Tuesday, at least that’s what an official info from the developer, Niantic Labs says. The company also stated that besides Togepi and Pichu “select others” have been added in this tranche, and that this one is “the first of more Pokemon coming… over the next few months”, which is more than excellent news for all collectors. Thanks to this, the game will keep its currently high status with players as well as its developer.

But just to freshen up your memory, Togepi and Pichu are not the first new Pokemon’s that are added to the game. One more of them was offered in late November, and it was the all-awaited Ditto. This addition had an interesting thing since there was a possibility that you could catch Ditto by accident because it is always disguised as another Pokemon. But nevertheless, these two latest additions to the game are the first Pokemon’s that were introduced beyond the game’s original 150.


The most enthusiastic of the collectors probably know that not all of the Pokemon’s from the original game, Red, and Blue, have made it to Pokemon Go. You probably have figured already that four “Legendary” Pokemon’s from those games – Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, and Mewtwo are still nearly impossible to catch and are making collectors frustrated on so many different levels. But to make this gloom thing a little more joyful, there is one more info that will return a smile to your face, and it is tied to Christmas and Pikachu. Apparently, Pikachu wearing a Santa’s hat will also be available to catch as a part of a Christmas event. Good hunting!